QRCS project supplies clean water to Syrians
November 22 2015 11:23 PM
 QRCS staff install 30 solar panels on top of the water well.
QRCS staff install 30 solar panels on top of the water well.

Qatar Red Crescent Society’s (QRCS) has launched $22,500 project has provided clean drinking water to around 10,000 Syrians in a local community in Turmanin, a town 33km away from Aleppo City.
In a press statement, QRCS said its relief staff are working hard to meet the needs of families affected by the Syrian conflict and improve their living conditions despite the security and humanitarian hardships.
Many Syrian areas and towns suffer from severe lack of water due to vandalism, cut-off, and destroyed water infrastructure. Locals resort to alternative means of getting water used for drinking, irrigation, and other uses.
To deal with the problem, QRCS staff noted that they studied the situation in Turmanin, a town in Mount Simeon District, northern Idlib countryside, and made a ‘needs assessment’ in co-ordination with local partners.
The project involved digging a 400m deep surface water well, building its control room and a 100sq m water tank, and installing 30 solar panels with pump and other fittings.
The project was implemented more than seven months in co-operation with the Sham Alkhier Foundation. The well has already begun supplying water to households and farmers.
“Securing pure and cheap water is the best solution for agriculture in the target areas,” said Ghaith Nazir Tarabein. “This can be attained only with free power from alternative and sustainable sources such as solar and wind energy.”
He stressed that the project will also help attain food security in the neediest areas.
“This is one of the many projects conducted by QRCS in support of those affected by the Syrian conflict whether inside the war-torn country or in neighboring countries,” added Tarabein.
Currently, a new project is under study to create new jobs, distribute winter aid, and rebuild houses in different parts of Syria ahead of winter.

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