Ashghal Cleanliness Complex ready
March 23 2016 09:09 PM
Ashghal Cleanliness Complex
An exterior view of the complex

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) announced the completion of the General Cleanliness Buildings Complex in Doha Industrial Area, which is one of Ashghal’s most significant integrated services projects.

The project is soon to be delivered to the Ministry of Municipality and Environment – General Cleanliness Department and Administrative Services Department.

The project consists of four areas, namely workers accommodation, employees’ families accommodation, administrative and services buildings, and trucks parking and maintenance services, vehicle wash and fuel station.

The buildings cover 58,586 square metres of the total project area which spreads across 158,470 square metres. The project also includes entertainment and commercial areas for workers, sports facilities and green areas with 707 parking spaces for trucks and buses.

The workers' accommodation includes five buildings for housing workers.

It has three floors, each having 66 rooms. There are 330 rooms in all five buildings together. The project also consists of a commercial and service building that includes a ground floor with four shops, and other facilities. One of the main attractions is a medical clinic.

It also includes three courts, a mosque, a covered storage area, and parking spaces for nine trucks.

The Area (B) includes two family accommodation buildings for employees.

Each building consists of a ground plus two floors with a total of 24 apartments in both buildings, 12 of which are two-bedroom and the other 12 are three-bedroom apartments.

The Area (B) also has an accommodation building for employees that consists of a ground plus two floors comprising 45 studio apartments in addition to a playground, football pitch, basketball and handball courts, prayer room, green areas and parking space for 99 vehicles.

The Area (C) includes an administrative building consisting of a ground + first floor, water tank building, underground pumping rooms, in addition to parking spaces for 393 heavy trucks, 79 medium-sized trucks, four equipment transportation trucks, 73 vehicles, 12 trucks with tanks to transport liquids, and 38 light goods vehicles. There is also a store for spare parts and tyres, a maintenance building and green areas.

The Area (D) includes a gas station with a capacity for12 vehicles and trucks.

There are four buildings for vehicle maintenance and washing with a capacity for servicing 15 trucks and vehicles simultaneously. The area also includes vehicle wash facility with a capacity for six trucks to be serviced simultaneously, and a building for recycling water and green areas.           

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