Over 100 Nepalese expats celebrate Holi
April 05 2016 10:56 PM
COLOURFUL: The participants of the programme.

By Usha Wagle Gautam

Nepalese expatriates in Qatar celebrated Holi — the spring festival of colours — at Al Dosari Park and Zoo recently. 
The programme also aimed to raise funds for children who lost their parents during the recent Madhesh uprising on the southern plains of the Himalayan nation. 
It was jointly organised by Madheshi Civil Society, Dhanusha Service Society, Siraha Service Society, Sarlahi Service Society, Kapilbastu Muslim Service Society, Mithila Non-resident Society, Nepal Non-Resident Terai Madhesh Front, Mithila Art Center –Qatar, Mithila Non-Resident Society –Qatar and Mahotari Service Society.  
The programme kicked off at 10:30am, with a Madheshi folk music performance. More than a hundred participates sprayed each other with colours and sang popular folk songs. They were also served traditional southern food items, such as Malpuwa, Puri and Dahiwada.
Holi is a popular two-day thanksgiving festival that starts on the Full Moon Day, somewhere between the end of February and the middle of March. The festival signifies the triumph of good over the evil and the arrival of spring season. 
The programme was co-ordinated by Birendra Kumar Sah, Gobind Jha, Prabhat Mahato, Sanjay Das, Saryug Yadav and supported by Ramnandan Gupta “Ram”, Rupesh Yadav, Chandra Bir Yadav, Akhtar Husain, Shiva Sangam, Mohammad Husain, Husain Khan, Surendra Narayan Yadav, Pankaj Thakur, Badri Yadav, Naresh Sah, Moharam Nadaf, Suneel Mandal, Ram Kumar Mandal, Ram Udgar Yadav, Prakash Das Manas, Kirtan Mandali Team, Ajit Thakur, Ganpati Sah, Moharam Nadaf, MD Mukhtda, Umesh Kumar, Gautam Sharma, Ram Suban Yadav, Jay Bhuwan Yadav, Utim Sah, Pradeepjha, Laxmi Thakur, Balram Thakur, Rameshwor Yadav, Chandra Mohan, Upendra Yadav, Abdhesh Karn, Surendra Kumar Sah, Ram Mani Mandal, Umesh Chandra Yadav, Ram Suresh Sah, Anil Sah, Padam Sah and Ravi Kant Karn, among others.

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