Aspire Zone Foundation set for ‘perfect’ celebration
June 18 2016 11:58 PM
Games and competitions bring the family together at the centre.

Aspire Zone Foundation is welcoming families to its second annual Garangao celebration at Freej Aspire today. 
The evening marks a high point of the second week of activities taking place at Freej Aspire, and builds on the incredible success and popularity of the first week. 
The Garangao celebration is a longstanding Qatari tradition that takes place at the midpoint of Ramadan. Garangao rewards fasting children with various sweets and treats to motivate and encourage them to complete their religious duty and to continue to fast during the remainder of the holy Month.  
During the evening, groups of children in traditional dress will make their way around Freej Aspire and receive candy and other Garangao gifts while singing the traditional Garangao song. The custom of children visiting their neighbours, singing and receiving treats at this time of year is an important part of Qatari cultural heritage. 
The evening also features a unique programme of activity and includes several children’s shows taking place on the Freej Aspire stage, adding to the unforgettable experience for visitors. Youngsters will have the opportunity to see a magic show, a puppet show and there will be various competitions and awards.
For the first time this year, there is a corner of Freej Aspire dedicated to traditional Qatari games as well as a Henna station where visitors can have henna designs applied to their hands – all part of the effort to further celebrate and revive authentic Qatari traditions and heritage. 
“Freej Aspire is the perfect destination for families to enjoy Garangao as it recreates the design of traditional Qatari neighbourhoods and is the perfect celebration of local culture and heritage,” a spokesperson said. 
This year, Aspire Zone Foundation has extended the areas in the Freej Aspire dedicated to children and family sports in order to give greater numbers of parents and their children the opportunity to practice their favourite sports. The children’s play area includes miniature fields and courts for basketball, football and volleyball. 
“Cultural and entertainment activities include cartoon shows and workshops in Arabic calligraphy and graffiti which all contribute to Aspire Zone Foundation’s efforts to revive and celebrate traditional Qatari heritage and culture with members of the local community during the holy Month.”

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