Cameron holds talks with EU peers following Brexit vote
June 29 2016 01:25 AM


Britain’s outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday sought  to appease his European Union (EU) counterparts at talks in Brussels after his country’s momentous decision to leave the bloc, but nerves remained raw amid disagreement over the steps
Thursday’s referendum, paving the way for one of the EU’s top three economies to take the unprecedented path of exiting the bloc, has triggered political mayhem in Britain, caused global market panic and sent shock waves across the EU.
“While we are leaving the EU, we mustn’t turn our backs on Europe. These countries are our neighbours, our friends, our allies, our partners,” Cameron, who announced his resignation in the wake of the referendum outcome, said as he arrived at the Brussels summit.
Britain’s exit talks should be “as constructive as possible”, and the country should aim for “the closest possible relationship in terms of trade and cooperation and security,” Cameron added.

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