Metal cylinders to be refilled until mid-2017: Woqod
November 29 2016 08:40 PM
Woqod - cylinders
Woqod’s offer to customers to switch from metal cylinders (left) to Shafaf has been extended to December 31.


Qatar Fuel Company (Woqod) is committed to refilling metal cylinders until at least mid-2017, the company announced on Tuesday.
Woqod explained in a statement that “the exchange of metal cylinders with Shafaf cylinders is being rolled out gradually and in a systematic way, and it will continue even after the expiration of the promotional offer at the end of this year.
The statement said newspapers across Qatar have reported that “some customers are requesting that Woqod exchange their metal cylinders for Shafaf cylinders for free.”
“We understand your concerns, however, please take note that the fees being charged are very reasonable when compared to the high cost of manufacturing Shafaf cylinders in accordance with current international standards.
“Woqod would like to reiterate its full commitment to the safety of all of our customers and we fully support this excellent opportunity that allows for a QR100 discount on Shafaf cylinders,” the statement emphasised.
It also announced that Woqod’s offer to customers to switch from metal cylinders to Shafaf is extended until December 31. “The same discounted rate of QR100 will still be in effect for this period and the final price under this promotion remains at QR265.”
Contrary to news reports, Woqod said its stations “only exchange empty metal cylinders for empty Shafaf cylinders.”
“Woqod would like to additionally clarify that the news stating that we fill Shafaf cylinders with 5kg of gas is inaccurate,” the statement stressed.
It noted that refill cylinders are available in 12kg and 6kg sizes to accommodate various household requirements. “The amount of gas capacity in Shafaf is equal to that in the metal cylinders of the same sizes, and can be refilled at the same cost.”
“Shafaf cylinders are designed with high-levels of safety and security in mind, especially when compared to the previous generation. These revolutionary cylinders are fire proof and are explosion resistant, even in the cases of fire. Additionally, the cylinders enable the user to monitor gas levels so they can replace fuel as necessary.
“Woqod is pledged to providing our clients with products of the highest standards of quality and safety. In keeping with this mission, our company is increasing the number of Shafaf distributors to meet the increasing demand from customers.”

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