Gulf Times, Al-Raya readers receive Mini Cooper, BMW cars
April 17 2017 09:16 PM
Beena George after receiving the key to the BMW 318i from al-Darwish and Allam. PICTURE: Joey Aguilar

Gulf Times readers Beena George and Anil K Eldhose, Indian expatriates from the southern state of Kerala who won the Gulf Times-Al-Raya subscription raffle draw last month, received their new BMW 318i and Mini Cooper cars on Monday at the Alfardan Automobiles showroom.
Gulf Publishing & Printing Company deputy general manager Yousef al-Darwish and Alfardan Automobiles general manager Ihab Allam handed over the car keys to the winners.
“I did not expect to win a BMW car, I just put my coupon in the box and I won. It’s probably God’s gift,” George said. “I am very happy.”
“I read every day … that is the reason I subscribed because I want a newspaper along with my tea,” she said.
In her seven years in Qatar, George said she had never won any raffle draw.
“This is my first win and when it is the first, it is a big thing,” she remarked.

Al-Darwish (left) and Allam during the handing over of the key to the Mini Cooper to Eldhose. PICTURE: Nasar TK

Eldhose echoed her sentiment, saying that he was surprised to win a Mini Cooper in a raffle draw.
Gulf Times gave me a nice gift, a very nice car … it’s a good experience, I was so lucky,” he said.
Eldhose plans to drive the car around Doha and other parts of the country with his family.
He said he used to buy a copy of Gulf Times from newsstands.
“That is why I subscribed for a year so I can read it as often as possible,” he added. “This is also my first time to drive a Mini Cooper. I am very excited.”
Allam said Alfardan Automobiles, which sponsored the prize cars, and Gulf-Times-Al-Raya have always been in close partnership in such undertakings.
“It is very strategic for us. We always look forward to the yearly contest they do with BMW and now, Mini. We hope to have future partnerships,” he said.
The Alfardan Automobiles general manager noted that both the Mini and BMW “have their own DNA”, being high performance cars bearing sporty characteristics.
He said that the three-cylinder Mini Cooper won by Eldhose is very environment-friendly and fancy, and is very popular among the younger age group.
“Customers of Mini are looking for something exciting, and at the same time economical, to run. With our BMW service, we are able to give them peace of mind where they don’t have to worry about high running expenses,” Allam noted.
The Gulf Times-Al-Raya subscription offer saw overwhelming participation from across all communities and nationalities, testimony to the dailies’ credibility and popularity, having brought the world’s news to the people of the country for close to four decades now.

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