Emir’s speech receives overwhelming support
July 23 2017 01:59 AM
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The speech of His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani has evoked widespread elation  among the country’s residents, both Qataris and expatriates, who described the address as  wise, balanced and assertive of Qatar’s sovereignty and high ethical standards.
Several members of the Advisory Council (Shura), expressing their views, said   the speech focused on the solidarity of Qatari people and their united stand against the blockade, in addition to the importance of dialogue among brothers to resolve the dispute without interfering in the sovereignty and internal affairs of other states.
Ahmed al-Obaidan, a member of the council, told local Arabic daily Arrayah  that the speech of His Highness the Emir was comprehensive and it showed the keenness of the Emir on the unity of the GCC as a family. 
Ibrahim al-Nassr, another member, pointed out that the speech included a full assessment of the current situation and called for self-sufficiency in food, medicine and other vital sectors. 
Khalid al-Libda, member of the council, said the speech addressed key points of the situation, and directed merchants and businesspersons to start new factories and invest in food production for the benefit of the whole people. Al-Libda also lauded the Emir appreciating  both the Qataris and expatriates for their solidarity and loyalty.
Rashid al-Maadid, member of the council, pointed out that  the Emir insisted on dialogue as the basis for dispute resolution and that bilateral relations must be based on mutual respect and not on giving diktats to others to obey. Besides, the speech affirmed the importance of the freedom of speech, and free access to information.
All the expatriates that Gulf Times spoke to said they were full of praise for the wise utterances of the Emir, who they said was gracious to acknowledge the loyalty and solidarity of all the residents of the country. 
“Qatar will come out of this crisis and emerge as a stronger nation on all fronts,” they all opined.
On Friday night , the Emir addressed the nation for the first time since Saudi Arabia and its allies severed ties with Qatar and imposed sanctions on June 5. 
Palestinian ambassador Munir Ghanim said  His Highness the Emir was keen to send a message of solidarity and assurance to the Palestinian people and the Muslims’ stand on Al-Aqsa Mosque. He also conveyed the thanks and appreciations of the Palestinian people to the Emir.
The speech has generated widespread support throughout the various segments of the society.  Prof Dr Abdulhamid al-Ansari said it was a positive and highly erudite speech that established the foundations for successful dialogue. He said that His Highness the Emir honestly reflected the Qatari inclination for dialogue and good treatment of others. 
Dr Mohamed al-Atiq, Director, Bone and Joints Center at Hamad Medical Corporation, said  he strongly supported all the issues covered in the speech, which affirmed the transparency of the country in dealing with the situation. The speech also focused on the good conduct and ethics of the Qatari people, which have been demonstrated clearly throughout the crisis.
Dr Hassan al-Sayyid, Professor of Law at Qatar University, described the speech as a summary of the balanced and wise approach toward managing the crisis politically and economically. The speech also laid a practical action plan for the better future of the country.
Qatari lawyer Mohamed al-Hajiri said the speech sent some important messages to the siege countries, stressing that it was an assertion of the dignity and sovereignty of the country and its people.
Dr Abdulnasser al-Yafai, head of the Social Science Department at Qatar University, hoped that the speech would be used at universities and research centres as reference for topics such as strategic relations, political ties and economic cooperation. “It was full of moral and ethical values.” 

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