Emir calls for self-reliance in economic, security fields
August 03 2017 12:40 AM
His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani chairing the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.


*Emir thanks the ministers for their hard work and efforts during the crisis

His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani chaired a part of the Cabinet's regular meeting at the Emiri Diwan on Wednesday.
His Highness the Deputy Emir Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad al-Thani attended the session.
At the outset of the meeting, the Emir talked about the State's future directions in light of the current crisis. "To us and to everyone, Qatar in June 2017 is different from Qatar in the past. We are proud of our history, but what happened in June 2017 has strengthened us and pushed us to work more for the country," His Highness the Emir said.
He stressed the importance of the next phase as well as the need to continue progressing towards achieving Qatar National Vision 2030 and implementing Qatar's major development projects at the same pace as before and with the optimum quality expected from Qatar's projects.
The Emir also stressed the importance of self-reliance in terms of national security, economy, food and medicine.
In his speech to the Cabinet, His Highness the Emir reaffirmed what he said in his address to the citizens and residents of Qatar on July 21, stressing the importance of investing in the positive spirit, solidarity and motivation in giving and achievement, which have characterised Qatar's citizens and residents during the Gulf crisis, in order to become the approach and standard on which Qatar's future work is based.
The Emir also stressed the importance of promoting and encouraging the continuity of teamwork and co-operation shown by all the citizens and residents during this stage.
He directed the ministers to prioritise the focus on domestic efforts in the coming phase and strengthen the nation in the economic, security, health and educational fields.
On economy and investment and the importance of diversifying sources of income, the Emir directed that the laws related to that field be reviewed and implemented as soon as possible and that spending be rationalised in next year's budget without affecting Qatar's main development projects and their quality.
In this regard, the Emir thanked the ministers for their hard work and efforts during the crisis, stressing to them the importance of keeping up the spirit of challenge and achievement so as to accomplish Qatar's policy and future plans to be self-reliant.
He reiterated the remarks that he made in his speech regarding Qatar's readiness to resolve the Gulf crisis through dialogue and that if there was an effort to reach an agreement, it should include all parties and with neither dictations nor interference in the national sovereignty and internal affairs of any country.
The Cabinet stressed that the clear and wise directives of HH the Emir and the concepts and ideas included in them will act as a working programme for the government in the next phase, which requires mobilisation of energies and self-reliance.
After that, the Cabinet continued its regular session under the chairmanship of HE the Prime Minister and Interior Minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani, and reviewed topics on the agenda.
The Cabinet took the necessary measures to issue a draft law amending some provisions of Decree Law No. 14 of 1993 on passports, after it reviewed the recommendation of the Advisory Council on the draft law.
The amendment stipulates that Article 12 of Decree Law No. 14 of 1993 shall be replaced by the following text: "A decision by the minister of interior shall specify the applicable fees to obtain normal passports, travel documents and transit tickets as well as their renewal and amendment.
And a decision by the foreign minister shall specify the applicable fees to obtain diplomatic, special and mission passports as well as their renewal and amendment."
Additionally, the Cabinet agreed to hold the third round of the Qatari-Bulgarian joint committee on economic co-operation in Sofia on December 4 and 5, 2017.
The cabinet also reviewed a letter by the National Committee for Prohibition of Weapons on the 37th report of the committee's work from December 21, 2016 to April 30, 2017, and took the appropriate decision.

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