Parents all praise for Early Education Dept forum
December 02 2017 09:30 PM
Ministry of Education and Higher Education


The Ministry of Education and Higher Education, represented by the Department of Early Education, held the second annual forum for parents in "Maharati" (My Skills) project.

During the meeting, the project organised by the ministry was presented for the fourth year in a row to develop language and numeracy skills in primary schools and raise the level of performance of students from grades 1 to 6 in language and arithmetic skills through several educational initiatives.
The meeting also dealt with several topics, the most important of which was the fruitful communication and co-operation with the school administration, the board of trustees and parents, and the follow-up with the specialist in the interest of the student.
The student's learning motivation was also discussed in terms of individual differences, providing a positive home environment for the learning process, identifying the appropriate motivational style, and helping the student deal with fears, challenges, difficult courses, and other related issues.
The forum aims to raise awareness among parents about raising children and helping them to learn, to discuss ways of co-operating with their children's schools to improve their learning outcomes, to learn more about "My Skills" project for developing language and numeracy skills, to open channels of direct contact with parents and to receive their proposals and observations.
The forum witnessed a great interaction by the parents, who praised the forum for its useful information and advice, which will enhance the positive attitude and learning motivation of students.  

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