Ministry issues fire safety tips to residents
February 09 2018 08:56 PM


The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has issued safety tips for the ongoing winter season. People have been urged to be wary of fires, especially indoors.
Improper use of heaters, wood or coal or negligence towards safety procedures could sometimes lead to unexpected fires either at home or desert camps, it pointed out.
The MoI advised people to be careful while choosing heaters and to be particular about the quality. People have been told to keep the heater close to the nearest socket that is adequate to its electricity requirements.
Heaters should not be connected within a single socket using an extension cable or other power strips with multi-heaters or any other devices.
Do not place heaters on corridors, especially close to flammable materials or within the reach of children. Heaters should be switched off while people are sleeping.
Special instructions have also been issued to those going for camping in the deserts.
The MoI said it has found that lighting a fire inside the tent or mobile accommodations for heating is one of the main reasons for fire incidents. Such fires should be put out before people go to sleep. A working fire extinguisher should be at hand. 
While using a gas heater, people should be more careful. "Any defect to heaters or in its wires or fittings could lead to suffocation because of gas leakage or carbon dioxide," it said while appealing to people to choose a proper place for the stove, away from the tent, generator or petroleum liquids and away from the wind.
The MoI also instructed people to keep the fuel for operating electric machines in a tightly sealed container and out of the reach of children.
It has cautioned people against burning of wood or coal in closed places without proper ventilation. "Such situations could lead to concentration of carbon monoxide and dioxide and risk the lives of people with either suffocation or permanent damage to brain or it could cause even death," it said.
While stressing the necessity of using quality heating equipment indoors, the authorities advised residents to bring it to their attention in case of any symptoms of danger and move to open areas. In case of emergency, residents can also call 999 for help.

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