British MPs praise Qatar's bid to secure workers' rights
February 15 2018 12:33 AM


*Team to apprise UK government of siege repercussions

A British parliamentary delegation has praised Qatar's efforts in protecting and enhancing workers' rights and its keenness to issue laws that ensure workers' welfare and wage protection.
The remarks were made during a meeting yesterday between the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) Chairman HE Dr Ali bin Smaikh al-Marri and the delegation, which is currently on a visit to Doha and led by MP Alistair Carmichael.
The delegation said they would get in touch with the British Foreign Office following their return from Doha and give the chairman of the British Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee copies of the report on the repercussions of the siege on human rights, which was drafted by the technical mission of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) that had earlier visited Doha.
For his part, Dr al-Marri said that the committee would contact the UN Human Rights Council and the special rapporteurs on human rights regarding the report of the international organisation's mission and call upon them to take urgent steps to redress the victims of the siege, whether citizens, residents or citizens of the Gulf Co-operation Council, especially after the issuance of the UN report, which is considered a legal document and an important reference that neutrally and credibly confirms the damage caused by the siege.
During the meeting, Dr al-Marri made a presentation to the British delegation on the developments of the current crisis and said that the highest priority was to stop the increasing humanitarian violations and stop the suffering of civilians.
The NHRC chairman also explained to the delegation how the victims are suffering and how the siege countries are intentionally prolonging of the crisis. He also briefed the delegation about the report of the UN mission and the NHRC reports on human rights violations since the beginning of the crisis.
He stressed that the outcome of the report of the UN technical mission was identical in many respects with the four reports that have been published until December by the NHRC since the beginning of the siege in June last year.
Dr al-Marri thanked the British parliamentary delegation for their response to those affected by the siege and their rapid communication with their government. He called for more action by the relevant sides in the British government to curb the increasing violations against the citizens and residents of the Gulf region.

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