Blood isn’t only red!
March 11 2018 01:08 AM
QATAR’S PRIDE: Mutaz Barshim.

Society elites aren’t the only blue bloods. In fact, blood comes in a rainbow of crazy colours, depending on what we’re talking about. 
Spiders, octopuses, squids and horseshoe crabs have blue blood. Beetles, sea cucumbers and sea squirts have yellow blood. Many annelids, including marine worms, segmented worms and leeches have their blood green. Brachiopods, peanut worms and some other kind of marine worms have purple blood. Interestingly, some of these animals don’t reveal their true colours until you cut them open. That’s because some of the chemicals in their blood protein change colour when exposed to oxygen. Figuratively, sounds so true with human being as well???
Remember the handsome boy face in the last week’s visual quiz? Yes, it was the Golden Globe-winner Brad Pitt, whose face has inspired numerous magazine covers, megabytes of Internet sites, and brains of plastic surgeons.
As I write this piece, I’m reminded of the Principal from my college, “Read, and read a lot…and then think twice.” If this space makes you feel like looking for more related information, it would be no mean achievement for us.
This is the world of trivia. True to the portmanteau ‘infotainment’, we are here with another pack of riveting Sunday bites, nestled among the known and the unknown, of human triumphs and tribulations, of arts and sciences and everything around us. 
And your time starts NOW! 

Name the Qatari athlete who became the first high jumper to claim the IAAF Athlete of the Year accolade in 2017.
Mutaz Essa Barshim. His personal best is 2.43m, achieved in 2014. 

Which is the only bird in the Chinese Zodiac?
Rooster. 2017 was the Year of the Rooster.

Born this day (11th Mar) in 1931, this young boy acted as the editor for various school journals including The Corian, and If Revived. He played himself in an episode of The Simpsons, introducing himself as “the billionaire tyrant”. In 2011, the Internet hacking collective LulzSec hacked the website of a newspaper he owns and falsely reported his death. Name him.
Rupert Murdoch

James Ivory has just won the Oscar for the best adapted screenplay, thus becoming the oldest Academy award winner at 89. Name the movie. 
Call Me By Your Name, adapted from André Aciman’s novel of the same name.

What colour is the blood of an octopus (when oxygenated)? 
Blue. To survive in the deep ocean, octopuses evolved a copper-based blood called haemocyanin, which turns its blood blue. This copper base is more efficient at transporting oxygen then haemoglobin when water temperature is very low.

Which Asian country has the only non-rectangular flag in the world? 
Nepal. The flag is a simplified combination of two single pennons (the vexillogical word for pennants), known as a double pennon.
Dot dot dot, dash dash dash, dot dot dot. What does it mean?
SOS, as per Morse code.

Where would you be most likely to see a ‘widow’s peak’?
On the human head. The V shaped formation of hair in the middle of the forehead is known as a widow’s peak.

Beijing will host the next Winter Olympics Games in 2022, making it the first city to host both Summer and Winter Games. In which year did it host the Summer Olympics?

Identify this celebrity seen here with Mahatma Gandhi.
Answer next week. (Last week’s answer: Brad Pitt)

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