Qatar population at an all-time high of 2.706mn
May 01 2018 11:32 PM
Qatar population

Qatar's population has shot up to an all-time high figure of more than 2.706mn, according to figures released by the Ministry of the Development Planning and Statistics on Tuesday.
This latest figure was based on the actual number of people, within the Qatari territory at the end of last month (April 2018), it said.
The ministry has also announced the latest figure is 0.8% higher than the population of March when the country had 2,685,053 inhabitants. 
The latest figures put Qatar population at 2,706,817 (2,019,725 males and 687,092 females), which were even higher than the previous highest of 2,700,539, recorded in May 2017.
However the country housed the largest male population of 2,032,155 in that month, it is learnt.
The country's population hit the 2.7mn mark for the first time that month. 
Until now, the highest population figures of 2018 were in February, when the country had 2,700,390 residents, which included 2,017,612 males and 682,778 females.
The lowest population in the last one year was in August 2017 when a considerably large number of residents were away on vacation. The figure of that month was only 2,446,328, which was at more than 250,000 less than the latest population.
The latest figures indicate that besides having the highest population Qatar has ever had, the country also has the highest population of women in its history.

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