Sidra Medicine to launch Poison Control Centre, IVF facility soon
May 02 2018 11:13 PM
Peter Morris
Sidra Medicine CEO Peter Morris

Sidra Medicine will soon launch a Poison Control Centre and an In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) facility among several other services, Gulf Times has learnt.
“The Poison Control Centre will be a first in Qatar. Reproductive services including IVF will be rolled later this year,” said Peter Morris, CEO, Sidra Medicine in an exclusive interview.
The high-tech, super specialty hospital for women and children, part of Qatar Foundation, will also launch the paediatric emergency by the end of the summer.
The Poison Control Centre is meant to provide toxicology consultation services to healthcare providers in Qatar, in addition to toxicology information to the general public as well.
“Under Women’s services, we recently opened our Women’s Urgent Care Service for our female patients who go into spontaneous labour, pregnant women under 20 weeks’ gestation as those with urgent gynaecological problems. We expect to offer other services soon, and have already put in place the facilities for IVF,” Morris revealed.
“Our IVF services will be part of our outpatient clinic, and will also include counselling services. The unit will support the women for the procedure and include laboratory and the embryology team support,” continued the CEO.
Some of Sidra Medicine's most complex procedures will be opening soon, including cardiac services. "We have already done non-interventional cardiology and we will have interventional cardiology and haematology services. We intend to have a spectrum of services for the population, many of which have not existed in the country and in the region.”
The ophthalmology team at Sidra Medicine has also launched the Retinopathy of Prematurity screening service for premature babies who are at risk of developing a serious blinding condition specific to prematurity. "We have already started examination of the eye of the first two premature babies at the NICU unit," noted the official.
“We also provide services such as mental health counselling as we have the largest body of child and adolescent psychiatrists in any hospitals in the region and possibly in the world. We are keen to provide for the entire spectrum of needs of the children and young people at Sidra Medicine,” Morris said.
The CEO pointed out that staff strength continues to expand. “Last year, in advance of the opening of the hospital, we recruited 2,500 staff in a single year. This year we have taken in over 600 people. We have about 3,900 staff on board so far. By the end of this year we would expect to be around 4,800. We have been very successful in our international staff recruitment campaign,” he pointed out.
“By the end of the summer, Sidra Medicine would have opened the majority of its children’s services. There will be more additions to both outpatient and inpatient services, many of which will be offered for the first time in the country and the region. We have made sure that our patients get the highest standards of safety and the best quality care which is comparable to any international facility and meets the highest international standards,” added Morris.

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