Ooredoo unveils new commercial
May 16 2018 12:50 AM

Ooredoo yesterday launched a special Ramadan campaign with a new commercial that celebrates the traditions of the holy month and the spirit of togetherness that people now enjoy as part of their daily digital lifestyles.
The commercial shows how people can enjoy the Internet in a way that is personal and unique to each one of them. It also highlights how technology can enrich people’s digital lives, allowing them to live new precious moments and providing new opportunities to bring families and friends closer together during this special time of year.
Ooredoo Group CEO Sheikh Saud bin Nasser al-Thani said, “We are investing heavily in building the best possible networks across our markets, which enables our customers around the world to access and enjoy the best of the Internet, share their best #RamadanMoments, and use online technology for good during the holy month.”
As part of its campaign, Ooredoo has also launched an online multinational survey, covering five of the company’s markets in the Gulf and North Africa, to explore behavioural patterns during the holy month. The results of this first-of-its-kind survey will be used to map online activity and content preferences during Ramadan, which will enable Ooredoo to further refine its portfolio of digital options created especially for the holy month.
“Technology can help us develop and expand our relationships and reflect on the important things in our daily lives. This campaign is all about showing how, with Ooredoo’s support, people can adapt and evolve their digital lifestyles to connect with families, friends and with the spiritual side of Ramadan,” he added.
Ooredoo’s new Ramadan commercial was designed to demonstrate how people in different countries enjoy the Internet and illustrate the common themes that unite different communities. The new commercial can be watched on all Ooredoo social media channels from the first day of Ramadan.

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