Ramadan best time to quit smoking, says PHCC
May 25 2018 09:46 PM


Fasting in Ramadan is an excellent opportunity to quit smoking for good, according to a Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) statement. 
The ability to fast without smoking for at least 15 hours is a clear sign of the smoker’s willpower. During the holy month of Ramadan, fasting provides smokers with encouraging strength and willpower to relieve themselves of this harmful habit. 
PHCC provides a number of tips such as creating an enabling environment, including removing smoke-related products from home, avoiding social gatherings that may tempt people into smoking during the quitting period and getting rid of cigarette supply at home. 
With regard to the recommended behaviours, a timetable should be developed to help individuals quit smoking. The timetable should start from the first day of Ramadan, and then evaluate the case by the first day of Eid al-Fitr. If the smoker returns to smoking during Ramadan, it does not mean failure, he should try again.
PHCC emphasises that family members are an important factor in helping the smoker to quit smoking, by spending time with their loved ones. Enjoying the healthier habits during this seasonal period of reflection, will support the efforts of those who try to quit smoking.

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