Pakistani community holds Urdu mushaira in Mesaieed
July 19 2018 09:29 PM
Group: Left to right. Hafiz Iftikhar, Muhammad Sajjad, Naveed Akhtar, Furqan Ahmad Paracha, Rana Ayub, Farooq Ahmad, Amin Motiwala, Nazakat Ali Khan, Mushfiq Raza Naqvi.

By Mudassir Raja

Qafco Pakistani Community (QPC), an organisation of Pakistani expatriates working in Qatar Fertiliser Company, recently hosted an Urdu mushaira (poetry symposium) for members and families at Al Banush Club in Mesaieed Industrial City (MIC).
The mushaira was organised by Pak Bazm-e-Ahbab (PBA), a literary group formed collectively by different Pakistani organisations from various industries in the area. The event had two segments. The first one was an award ceremony for senior members of the community followed by a mushaira.
Talking to Community, Furqan Ahmed Paracha, PBA General Secretary, said that PBA consists of two Pakistani members from almost every MIC industry. He said that the industries, included Qafco, Qatar Petrochemical Company, National Oil Distribution Company, Natural Gas Liquefying Company, Qatar Steel Company, Qatar Chemical Company, Qatar Vinyl Company, Qatar Petroleum Refinery, and Qatar Fuel Additives Company.
He noted that Abdul Qadoos was president of PBA. Paracha further said that there are over 700 Pakistani families living in MIC and QPC has consistently been organising cultural, community, and educational events for the members.
The first segment was conducted by Mushfiq Raza Naqvi, an Urdu poet and active community member. At the award ceremony, the shields were presented to Nawaz Akram, Farooq Ahmed, Rana Ayub, and Furqan Ahmed Paracha, senior community members, for their contributions towards the community welfare. Many speakers on the occasion lauded the efforts of the three members for community welfare and for organising regular cultural events.
Doha-based known Urdu poets and intellectuals attended the event and recited their poetry on the occasion. The participants, included Danial Ahmed, Itefaq Anmol, Ashfaq Deshmukh, Raqim Azmi, Dr Nadeem Jilani, Syed Shakeel Ahmed, Wazir Ahmed, Asif Shafih, Aziz Waleed, Shad Rafique, Ahmed Ashfaq, Iftikhar Raghib, Attique Anzar, and Dr Faisal Hanif.
Naqvi told, “It was a beautiful evening. The Doha-based Urdu poets of Indian and Pakistani origin enchanted the audience with their wonderful poetry. The gathering enjoyed the atmosphere and appreciated the efforts of PBA.”
The poet further said, “It is necessary to have such gatherings for the community. Since life is getting busier than ever, people unfortunately do not have time for each other. Lack of social interaction is definitely one of the root causes to different social and health problems.”
He went on to say, “Literary and cultural get-together works like a breath of fresh air in the busy and hectic lifestyle. Such activities also help in promoting Urdu language in Qatar. We get a chance to interact with our community. The community has appreciated the event and have suggested that we arrange similar events regularly in the future.”
Other two organisers of the event were Sanwal Abbasi and Javaid Bhatti. Talking to Community, Bhatti said, “The objective of such activities is to promote Urdu literature and language. The activity also provides a social platform where expatriates meet each other and discuss different issues. It was very good to see a lot of good poets coming from Doha to Mesaieed Industrial City.”
Bhatti added, “This time we also had an event to honour our senior members for their contributions, the award ceremony. The recognition was necessary as it boosts the confidence of the active and keen members. The members who got the shields have long been serving the Pakistani community in MIC. It is not easy to spare time from your job and family life for community and welfare activities. These people serve as role models and encourage other people to come forward and help the needy out.”
He noted, “We have also been organising social and religious programmes for our children as an effort to educate them about their religion, Islam and their culture. Our educational activities are also widely appreciated. We also arrange special activities for women, highlighting Pakistani cuisines and fashion.”

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