Qatar population lowest in 11 months
August 01 2018 11:01 PM
Qatar population
The population at the end of July was 2,450,285.

The country's population has fallen to its lowest levels since August last year, according to figures released by the Ministry of Development Planning & Statistics (MDPS) on Wednesday.
The population at the end of July was 2,450,285, around 5.3% lower than the June figure of 2,580,734, according to the MDPS data.
The previous lowest population in the past one year was at the end of August 2017, when the country had some 2,446,328 people. 
The fall could be attributed to the fact that a large number of residents have travelled out of the country, as is the practice, owing to the annual summer vacation.
The latest data show that there were 1,903,888 males and 546,397 females in the country. This is also the second lowest figure for the country's male population in the last 11 months, with the country having 1,876,892 males at the end of August 2017.
Similarly, the latest female population of 546,397 is the lowest in almost a year. In August last year, the corresponding figure was 547,986.
The highest population in 2018 was recorded at the end of May when Qatar had 2,731,910 people, which included 2,034,011 males and 697,899 females. This was the highest female population ever recorded in the country.
The country's male population touched the 2mn mark for the first time in February last year, when the MDPS released a figure of 2,018,190 against the previous highest of 1,996,612, recorded at the end of November 2016. 
The female population crossed the 600,000-mark in February 2016. According to the MDPS, there were 625,496 females in Qatar that month.

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