Barwa Real Estate joins ‘Year of Culture Qatar-Russia 2018’
September 19 2018 01:07 AM
Group CEO Salman bin Mohamed al-Mohannadi gestures while delivering a speech at the seminar ‘Qatar: No Limits of Architecture’ held during Year of Culture Qatar-Russia 2018.

Barwa Real Estate Group has joined the Year of Culture Qatar-Russia 2018 with Group CEO Salman bin Mohamed al-Mohannadi participating in a seminar titled ‘Qatar: No Limits of Architecture’.
He was joined by Arab Engineering Bureau CEO Ibrahim Mohamed al-Jaidah, Barwa Group advisor Abdelwahed Elwakil, and Ministry of Municipality and Environment’s head of R&D – Urban Planning Department Dr Ali Abdelrouf Ali Abouelsaad.
In his opening speech, Qatar’s ambassador to Russia Fahad bin Mohamed al-Attiyah underscored the importance of providing opportunities for experience and knowledge exchange between both countries, especially in the field of architecture and urban development.
At the panel discussion, al-Mohannadi discussed the importance of the balance between architectural culture, economic feasibility, market needs, social benefits, and minimum environmental impact.
He also addressed major contributions by leading companies such as Barwa Real Estate, which plays a key role in the development of the Qatari property market to meet the country’s urban development needs. Al-Mohannadi also took into account the desired balance in all aspects, which made Barwa Real Estate an example to be followed by other companies.
Al-Jaidah, on the other hand, addressed the urban changes in Qatar from the 1940s to its current urban situation, drawing on modern projects that have succeeded in reviving local identity in contemporary architecture. On the benefits of old engineering techniques and their compatibility with the climate, Elwakil praised the characteristics of the Islamic architecture, which respects traditions. 
He also compared it with the modern architectural designs inspired by different environments that may not be commensurate with the country’s climate.
On what made Doha the Middle East’s “capital of the creative economy,” Abouelsaad spoke at a public interview titled ‘From Boring to Smart and Resilient City’. 
He explained how mega projects like the Museum of Islamic Art, the 2022 FIFA World Cup projects, and the National Museum of Qatar had changed the physical and cultural landscape of Qatar’s capital city.
The seminar was moderated by Monika Konrad, project director at Strelka KB; Mikhail Alekseyevskiy, head of Strelka KB Center for Urban Anthropology; and Ville Hara, member of Finnish Architects Association, and was attended by more than 800 visitors and over 10,000 online viewers.

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