3-2-1 Museum shares progress at General Assembly of Olympic Museums Network
September 19 2018 01:33 AM
Fuad al-Mudahka (centre) with other representatives from the 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum at the 13th General Assembly of The Olympic Museums Network.

Representatives from the 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum (3-2-1 QOSM) participated in the 13th General Assembly of The Olympic Museums Network, it was announced yesterday.
The event, which took place in Gothenburg, Sweden, from September 3-5, gathered representatives from across the globe to discuss how sports museums can increase the promotion of the values of sports and the Olympics, and create a unique platform for the global Olympic Movement. 3-2-1 QOSM acting director Fuad al-Mudahka shared updates with delegates at a session about the museum’s progress, including a presentation about the development of content and design in the galleries.
He focused on the Qatar Sports section, which has been updated to host a larger representation of Qatari sport, from past and present. Additional updates included an overview of the museum’s 2017-2018 educational activities, which had involved series of creative workshops.
“Since its inception in 2006, The Olympic Museums network has worked hard to encourage co-operation between members and find ways to promote sports values of respect, commitment and collaboration – precisely the values that the 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum aspires to represent,” al-Mudahka said. “We were pleased to renew our membership in the network for the sixth year in a row and are looking forward to future collaborations and exchanges,” he added.
3-2-1 QOSM’s membership of the network opens up paths for future collaborations with its international members, including participation in the Years of Culture programme, loans and exchanges, as well as educational training for the 3-2-1 QOSM’s team at The Olympic Museums Network Head Quarters. 
In addition to the updates provided, 3-2-1 QOSM suggested a series of strategic propositions including a refocus on audience perceptions following museum visits and the creation of a new business model for exhibitions that will allow network members to produce common exhibitions and exchange insights. 
The 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum is designed to inspire people to take part in sport and physical activity. It aims to educate the community about the origins of global (Olympic) and Qatari sport, placing it in the context of Qatar’s own development. 
Once open, the museum will join a series of QM-supported museums and entities that aim to inspire audiences living in and visiting Qatar.

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