Research in focus at Sidra Cudos 2018
September 23 2018 01:17 AM
Dr Sheikh Mohamed bin Hamad al-Thani, Sidra officials, diplomats and other distinguished guests at the opening session of the conference.

Research is the key factor in countering the great healthcare challenges faced in the country and it “should lead to insightful and innovative solutions”,  several healthcare leaders highlighted at the second annual conference on understanding molecular mechanisms in cardiovascular biology, diabetes, obesity and strokes (Cudos 2018).
“Research is one of the main pillars of the healthcare strategy of Qatar. Diabetes is one of the biggest challenges for us in the country and we have the biggest funding allocation to counter this challenge. Diabetes is something that needs to be prevented and the people should be protected from it and conference such as this should lead to it,” said Dr Sheikh Mohamed bin Hamad al-Thani, director of Public Health at the Ministry of Public Health, at the inaugural session of the conference.
Cudos 2018 got under way at Qatar National Convention Centre yesterday with the theme ‘Childhood Diabetes: from Novel Discoveries to Clinical Practice’, which focuses on the current research innovation in diabetes technologies for mothers and children with or at risk of childhood diabetes.
Several international healthcare experts, large number of national healthcare professionals and many diplomats took part at the inaugural session of the three-day conference.
“Cudos 2018 will inspire our learning as the public health research is moving in the right direction. Public health is all about prevention, protection and promotion. The focus of our health strategy is on non-communicable diseases and diabetes is a major issue. The research on diabetes should help us in countering the challenges posed to us. The research also should be ethical and the outcomes should always be invested in public health service and policies,” explained Dr Sheikh Mohamed.
“This conference addresses a great healthcare challenge not just in Qatar but across the world. Qatar has continued to demonstrate its commitment to cutting-edge healthcare and research. The theoretical discussions  of the symposium can be developed into practical and implementable improvements in care and keep the needs of the patient in focus,” said Prof the Lord Darzi of Denham, vice-chair of Sidra Medicine, through a recorded message.
“Sidra Medicine is the hub for translational research in the country. It focuses on understanding the  mechanism of diseases, develop preventing therapeutic tools and improve health outcomes for women and children in Qatar. Sidra Medicine aims to provide first class research  training to the  next generation of Qatar scientists. We are creating a centralised genome park that can be accessed by academia and healthcare institutions,” noted Prof Christof Von Kalle, chief research officer, Sidra Medicine.
According to Peter Morris, CEO of Sidra Medicine, research is an integral part of the organisation. 
“One of the key focuses of Sidra Medicine is about the delivery of great medicine today. But we are also focused on  advancing great medicine for tomorrow and I think this conference will help us in delivering it,” said Morris. 
The comprehensive programming of the scientific sessions at Cudos 2018 will provide cutting-edge education and information for all members of the diabetes community. 
Twelve Qatari researchers are  showcasing their oral and poster presentations during the ‘Young Qatari investigators in medical sciences’ sessions.

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