Protestor killed in Haiti anti-graft demonstrations
October 19 2018 12:09 AM
Protesters set fire to block streets as they demonstrate in Port-au-Prince on Wednesday, calling for the resignation of President Jovenel Moise.

At least one person was killed and dozens injured as thousands of protesters took to the streets in Haiti on Wednesday over a corruption scandal and some marchers called for the resignation of President Jovenel Moise. Protesters erected flaming barricades made of tyres and piles of garbage, while shots rang out across the capital, Port-au-Prince. Police fired tear gas at some demonstrators, and in response, some hurled rocks back at them. One man was killed in downtown Port-au-Prince amid several violent incidents there and in other cities, police said. Dozens were injured, including 10 police officers. The police did not provide additional information on the circumstances of the man’s death.

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