Qatar dealt with Gulf crisis professionally, says Russian MP
November 06 2018 01:32 AM


Qatar has dealt with the Gulf crisis professionally and with innovative methods over the past year-and-a-half and should continue to handle it in the same way, Deputy head of internal parliamentary group of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Primakov has said.
Attending a seminar on Russia’s role in creating peace in the Middle East, held by the Diplomatic Institute at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Primakov highlighted the importance of Qatar and the Gulf to depend on various economic, political, trade and military options.
He said the US adopts contradictory stances in the region making it impossible to predict its actions and policies. He cited the recent withdrawal from its agreement with Iran as an example.
Primakov added that the US policy in the Middle East pursues two paths, the first is the unauthorised extension of control and expansion of the political financial groups in the region and the second is the reaction method which is not a specific strategic approach that can be depended on or acted upon.
Primakov said today’s unipolar world is based on economy and enabling political financial institutions to take over markets and resources as well as control governments and replacing them if needed, resulting in its control over many countries and its peoples’ capabilities.
Primakov added that the increasing role of political financial institutions indicates the start of one of the biggest and most dangerous crises since the Second World War, as they freeze the economic and political situations, heightening the competition and hostility which results in a new global conflict with rising risks.
The global system is collapsing in light of the absence of the United Nations and the Security Council on some major issues – the US withdrawal from international conventions and agreements whilst imposing unilateral sanctions on countries with limited space for international and regional organisations to talk about the rights of minorities and freedom of expression, he added.
He said the world is now heading towards multipolarism where China has emerged and Russia has recovered much of its strength as well as other countries in Asia and Europe. Even Africa, where famines and droughts have spread in many regions, is experiencing great growth and prosperity and is an attractive environment for global investment.
Primakov said Russia and China maintain relations with the aim of internal development and do not aim to build a bipolar system against the US. He added that despite the US efforts to isolate both states, such actions make bring them closer.
Primakov also ruled out a war emerging between the US and China, in spite of rising tensions between them due to the close co-operation, joint trade and multi-billion dollar assets.
He explained Russia’s role in global transformations describing that the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union made the world unipolar, and historians described it as the “end of history.”
Primakov reiterated that when Russia began to recover from its problems, it became a key player in the maintenance of international peace and security without military intervention, but in support of the idea of sovereignty.
He gave an example of Russia’s intervention in the Syrian crisis, through which it seeks peace and the return of refugees as soon as possible in co-operation with European partners. He highlighted the summit held last month with the participation of Russia, France, Germany and Turkey adding that it was a step in a long path that Russia and the global community is pursuing to solve the crisis as soon as possible.

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