May heads to Scotland to seek voters' support for Brexit deal
November 28 2018 11:07 AM
Prime Minister Theresa May. For May, a referendum could be the key that unlocks the cage in which he


British Prime Minister Theresa May will visit Scotland on Wednesday to appeal directly to voters to support her Brexit plan, as she faces strong opposition in the House of Commons ahead of a ‘meaningful vote’ on December 11.

May is expected to argue that the deal she agreed with the European Union offers the prospect of an ‘unprecedented economic partnership’ with the 27-country bloc, the Press Association reported.

The prime minister will also emphasize that the deal will enable Britain to decide who fishes in its waters as it will mean leaving the Commons Fisheries Policy.

‘At long last, we will be 'an independent coastal state' again - taking back full sovereign control over our waters, and free to decide for ourselves who we allow to fish in our waters,’ May is expected to say, according to PA.

Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been critical of May's Brexit deal, saying it ‘satisfies no one’ and would forcibly remove her nation, where a majority voted to remain in the EU, from the bloc's single market.

Sturgeon, who is also leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), released a report Tuesday claiming May's deal would leave Scots 1,610 pounds (2,050 dollars) worse off per year each by 2030, compared to a scenario where Britain remained in the EU.

‘No Scottish government with the interests of this and future generations at heart could possibly accept the deal on offer,’ Sturgeon said as she presented the report.

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