Qatar Charity named 'Arab Best Charity Organisation’
November 28 2018 03:04 PM
Qatar Charity named 'Arab Best Charity Organisation’

For the second year in a row, Qatar Charity (QC) won the award of the Arab Best Charity organisation of 2018, due to its professional excellence in the field of humanitarian and development work, as well as it won the Best Arab Program award in the category of charity work for the World Refugee School (WRS), which it co-founded with international partners.

The ‘Arab Best Award ‘ is organised in the Kingdom of Morocco, in recognition of the excellence in the Arab world, in the categories of leadership, business and community stars.

In a letter sent to Qatar Charity, the General Secretariat of the Award says, ‘We congratulate you on this great achievement that crowns your outstanding efforts and significant sacrifices that you made to support the people in Qatar and Arab and Islamic nations’.

The winners were honoured at a ceremony held yesterday in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh, which was attended by many leading Arab and international organizations, and a delegation of Qatar Charity led by its CEO Yusuf bin Ahmed Al-Kuwari.

Qatar Charity considered this award, which it received for the second time, is an honour for all the people of Qatar, as well as for everyone doing a good deed anywhere in the world, who gives confidence to QC through supporting and implementing charitable and humanitarian work around the globe. QC also pointed out that this honour increases its responsibility towards those in need across the world. 

At the beginning of his speech at the ceremony of the Arab Best Award, Yousif bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, CEO of Qatar Charity, extended thanks, on behalf of the charity and all the honourees, to the organizers of this award, noting that organizing such event contributes to the improvement of the abilities, knowledge and awareness in the Arab region. He also wished all the best and success in its future’s sessions.

He said the ‘Arab Best Award’ reveals the pressing need, in the Arab world, of platforms concerned with highlighting the best practices at the level of individuals and institutions, and encouraging them to bring more achievements, in order to be a role model and an incentive for others for further excellence.

The CEO of Qatar Charity also hoped that this and similar platform would be an important opportunity for communication, cooperation, strengthening links and fostering partnerships between the different sectors including government, private and civil society organizations, which are known as the third sector, in addition to influential individuals and innovators in order to design and enhance innovative development programs that contribute to achieving the sustainable development of the Arab societies.

Awards and Honours

Over the last 10 years, Qatar Charity has received a large number of awards and honours at the international, regional, Arab and Gulf levels in recognition of its professional performance in the field of humanitarian and development work and due to its programs, projects, services and initiatives.  

In October 2017, it received a medal of excellence from the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan, and a certificate of thanks and appreciation from the local administration in the health field, as part of its development activities in Kyrgyzstan.

During the current year 2018, Qatar Charity was awarded the certificate of excellence and the shield of honour by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), a government institution in Pakistan, in recognition of its humanitarian and development efforts in the country.

Also, the Ministry of Health of Niger has honoured Qatar Charity for its outstanding efforts to combat blindness, contribution to alleviating the suffering of poor patients and funding for the operations necessary to restore their eyesight.

QC’s chairperson Sheikh Hamad bin Nasser al-Thani received the ‘Change Maker Award’ from the organizers of The Aid & Trade Conference and Exhibition in London, in recognition of his role in the service of humanitarian work and his leadership, under which QC’s development and humanitarian efforts reached 70 countries around the world.

The chairperson has dedicated the award to the people of Qatar, as they are the true change makers through their continued support for humanitarian and development projects to help the poor and needy across the globe.

Best Arab Program

It is worth mention that the World Refugee School (WRS) initiative, which won the Best Arab Program Award in the category of charity work at the Arab Best Award 2018, was established this year with the participation of Qatar Charity and international partners.

The initiative aims at providing high quality continuing education to refugee and displaced children around the world and offering solutions to education in conflict areas.

The initiative, which aims at providing education to 20 million refugee and displaced children, is currently implementing a pilot project for internally displaced persons (IPD) in Syria by running six schools. Later, other six schools will be added and education will be provided through the e-learning system with the beginning of the academic year 2018/2019. This project is implemented by QC at a cost of up to $4mn.

The initiative is based on three pillars: First, Integrated Technology Group (ITG) provides e-platform for education services in multiple languages and curricula across borders. Second, training programs on teaching methods are provided to teachers and school administrations in accordance with the best international standards to deal with the e-learning system.

However, the third pillar relates to the development and adoption of national educational syllabuses in proportion to the place and country where the refugee and displaced persons live as well as it also relates to the adoption of these curricula by internationally recognized institutions.

Qatar Charity (QC) has won the award of the Arab Best Charity of 2017, and the Arab Best Management team in the category of charity work for the same year.

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