Reforms result in reduced worker complaints, says official
November 30 2018 10:31 PM
Mohamed Abdulwahid al-Obaidly
Mohamed Abdulwahid al-Obaidly


The legal reforms recently introduced in Qatar have considerably reduced the number of workers complaints received at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA), an senior official has said.
"After abolishing the need for exit permit, workers have more freedom of movement and can leave the country whenever they want, which helped in resolving many pending complaints," Mohamed Abdulwahid al-Obaidly, officer of labour complaints section at the Labour Relations Department, told local Arabic daily Arrayah.
However, he pointed out that an assessment would be conducted in this regard and statistics compiled in due course to evaluate the actual success rate of the process.
"The number of labour complaints is usually less in winter due to the good psychological effects of the fine weather, which positively impacts the workers' performance," he observed on the sidelines of an event held by the legal clinic of Qatar University College of Law at Qatar National Library.
"Many labour disputes, which arise from the ignorance of workers and others concerned about the applicable laws and regulations, are escalated into full-blown disputes. Besides, some workers and employers do not draft proper employment contracts, which is against the law, that clearly defines the duties and rights of each party. "It t is normal that disputes could arise in the work environment and this is the case anywhere in the world, but what really matters is how these are dealt with and resolved through the proper channels designated by the laws. "Some cases that are reported to MADLSA are often resolved in a friendly way through negotiation with the worker and employer while others need to go through the Labour Dispute Resolution Committee. Yet, in some cases things go bad and due to the ignorance of the workers with the laws and regulations and how to claim their rights in the proper way.
"Some workers abscond out of unjustifiable fear, which is in itself is a big mistake and make things worse, while the issue could be otherwise resolved in a better way with MADLSA and other entities concerned offering the due assistance for all the workers who approach them," the official added.

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