Commerce ministry hosts series of events at Darb Al Saai
December 14 2018 10:17 PM
Virtual reality headsets take children on a journey to educate them on the rights of consumers and t
Virtual reality headsets take children on a journey to educate them on the rights of consumers and traders using a creative and interactive approach.


The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) is hosting a series of events and activities at its pavilion in Darb Al Saai as part of Qatar National Day celebrations, which continue until December 20.
The ministry's events include a number of innovative activities that draw on modern and advanced technologies to educate members of the general public by using a unique approach that attracted a large turnout last year, the MoCI has said in a statement.
The activities will be held during the morning and evening sessions at the MoCI pavilion in the Doha tent.
The ministry will organise various programmes and competitions targeting all age groups while focusing on engaging children to shed light on three of its sectors, namely trade, industry and consumer protection. These will contribute to the accomplishment of the ministry’s objectives within the framework of the National Day vision, the statement notes. 
The events include awareness and educational programmes in addition to various activities targeting members of the general public. 
The events draw on the use of modern technology and focus on numerous topics, including how to invest in a new business using a simple approach, sound consumption habits based on smart shopping, how to choose and compare goods and how to establish a family budget, among other important awareness messages to society.
The MoCI pavilion features a number of activities to engage children using an innovative and interactive approach to shed light on the ministry's functions and the important role that consumers play as key partners in protecting their rights. Additional interactive screens offer information on consumer protection, trade and investment. Through entertaining games, the screens will provide educational and awareness-raising information on consumers and traders’ rights, and will familiarise children and youth with their rights and those of traders. 
Participants will be also educated on ways to shop smart, how to distinguish between original and counterfeit goods and how to market products, while introducing e-commerce, among other topics relating to trade and investments.
Virtual reality shopping activities will then follow with the use of virtual reality headsets that take children on a virtual journey to educate them on the rights of consumers and traders using a creative and interactive approach. VR glasses will take children on a virtual tour of a supermarket during which they will learn about a number of issues relating to protecting consumer rights and sound consumption habits, helping children identify issues such as misleading advertising, discounts and promotions, prices, an invoice and its components, original and counterfeit products as well as production and expiry dates. 
After the child selects a product at the end of the game, one of the supervisors will ask him about the product and based on his answer, he will be presented with an award. The activity is aimed at familiarising children with the concept of smart shopping and how to protect their rights as consumers such as demanding a detailed invoice, while encouraging consumers to support national products.
The use of Augmented Reality in education is a new approach to education using technology to transform the learning process into an entertaining and energising experience. The child is given a colourless drawing taken from a picture story such as Qatar’s flag or a national product to colour. The child is then presented with a three-dimensional coloured drawing on an iPad. 
The co-invest programme requires children to assemble a term that is part of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s functions, such as ‘Invest’. The term is assembled using small cubes that are handed out to children at specific times in the day until the term is completed by the day-end. A prize draw will take place each day to select three winners among participants. 
The activity is aimed at demonstrating how all members of society can contribute to economic development, and how investments contribute to the development of the country while raising awareness among children of the importance of development and perseverance and continuity.
Other activities include Brain Game, a collective game that features two teams of children that are tasked with the installation of one of six structures depicted on a cube. 
The structures reflect the ministry’s functions or one of Qatar's landmarks. The team that completes the installation first is declared the winning part. The activity aims at raising children's awareness of national products and introducing them to Qatar’s landmarks using an engaging and interactive approach. Visitors will also be invited to take pictures holding cut out words relating to National Day or the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, using a special hashtag for the MoCI, such as small_investor or small_trader.
The ministry’s pavilion will also feature a dedicated area for visitors’ book, which will document the participants’ signatures and messages about their love for Qatar. The participants will use an iPad connected to a large screen displaying the signatures and writings, which are documented, to record the number of participants at the end of the event. 
Certificates will also be awarded to children participating in the ministry's activities. The MoCI has invited members of the general public to visit its pavilion at the Doha tent in Darb Al Saai to enjoy and benefit from the various activities that are taking place.

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