Google celebrates Qatar National Day
December 18 2018 10:07 AM
Qatar National Day- Google doodle

Google today joined the Qatar National Day celebrations with a special animated Google Doodle showing the Qatar flag flying against the backdrop of rising sun. The animated doodle is linked to search page that shows results for the query, "Qatar National Day".
On the page that lists details of its doodles, Google explains the relevance of the day and the doodle:

          "Today the Qatari people celebrate their national day, as sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani, the second sheikh of the Al Thani dynasty, ascended to the throne exactly 140 years ago. Remembered as the founder of Qatar, he organized and centralized the land, setting it on a path to becoming one of the most diverse and prosperous nations in the region. His successor, sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani (1972–95), negotiated Qatar’s independence from Great Britain in 1971, becoming the first Amir.
          Elaborate celebrations are planned to mark this year’s National Day, with an emphasis on the principles and values of Qatari society. The official theme for this year’s celebration, “as long as it was proven by our deeds,” was inspired by a poem written by Qatar’s founder. In the capital city of Doha, parades and fireworks will take place, while in the Katara Cultural Village, centuries-old traditions of weaving, falconry, and pearl-diving come to life."

It is the third time that Google swaps its logo with a doodle to mark the Qatar National Day. While the 2015 doodle too displayed the Qatar flag prominently, the key image in the 2013 doodle was an open shell along with two dhows riding the waves.

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