Police Training Institute concludes annual courses
December 28 2018 12:01 AM

The Police Training Institute has concluded its 2018 training season with the graduation of officers and non-commissioned officers of the Ministry of Interior, as part of the implementation of the annual training and qualification plan of the ministry.
The graduates, both men and women cadres, attended six courses in leadership, supervision and field operations.
Some Thirteen officers (captains and first lieutenants) completed yesterday the skills development workshop designated for heads of departments, which was held for a week at the officers club of the General Directorate of Civil Defence. The workshop aimed at familiarising the participants with the concepts and the basics of effective supervision, providing them with methods of effective guidance, motivation, planning and follow-up work to ensure the achievement of the goals.
The workshop included lectures on the position of the head of the department in the administrative process, the skills of the supervisor and the supervisory balance, the descriptions of the head of the department and their duties and responsibilities towards the higher administrative level, among other topics.
Twenty officers at the Police Training Institute (First Lieutenants) completed the first compulsory course with the aim of qualifying them as leading officers and providing them with administrative, legal and judicial knowledge through a variety of practical applications to equip them with the skills necessary to upgrade their competencies and ensure their understanding of the philosophy of thinking to solve problems and meet the challenges that hinder performance and the execution of tasks.
The course also included lectures, public meetings and field visits to the Chairman of the Disciplinary Board, the Attorney-General’s office, the National Command Centre and the Criminal Laboratory department.
In a similar context, 27 candidates from (corporal rank) completed the qualifying course for promotion to corporal deputy, which was designed to equip them with the basic knowledge and skills that would enable them to communicate effectively with others, and to familiarise themselves with the principles of the police operations to carry out the work entrusted to them with efficiency, competence and rapid response for communications and proper handling of the crime scene to achieve success in the field of security work.
The institute held the graduation ceremony of two courses for non-commissioned officers, with a group of male officers completing the anti-riot course, while dealing with persons with disabilities’ course was designated for females officers.
These courses are part of the training and qualification plan, which is prepared and implemented by the Police Training Institute in co-operation with various departments of the Ministry of Interior. – QNA

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