Four Pakistan Navy ships arriving at Hamad Port Monday
December 30 2018 08:59 PM
PNS Rah Naward
PNS Rah Naward

Four Pakistan Navy ships will dock at Hamad Port from Monday to January 3 in a display of goodwill and deep friendly relations with Qatar, the embassy announced Sunday.
The task group comprising ships PNS Khaibar, PNS Madadgar, PNS Rah Naward and PMSS Zhob are visiting Qatar with an aim to enhance maritime collaboration between the two navies, according to a statement. 
Besides regular participation of Pakistan Navy ships in Dimdex Exhibition, this visit marks the largest number of Pakistani vessels visiting Qatar at any one given time. 
The port call by Pakistani ships is a testimony of growing security and defence relationship between Qatar and Pakistan, it was explained. 
PNS Khaibar derives its name from a famous battle in 629 AD during which the seemingly invincible fortress of Khaibar was overcome by Muslims. PNS Khaibar (Ex-HMS Arrow) is the fourth of eight Type-21 Amazon class frigates and acquired by Pakistan Navy from the UK in early 1990s.


PNS Madadgar

PNS Khaibar

Since its induction in Pakistan Navy Fleet, it has undergone major qualitative modifications in weaponry and sensors. Due to its unique capabilities, the ship is capable of undertaking a variety of naval operations across the entire spectrum of naval warfare. 
PNS Madadgar, meaning ‘logistic support provider’, is a small tanker cum utility ship (STUS), with an overall length 47.20m, beam of 11m and can achieve a maximum of 15 knots. The ship, built at Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works, was commissioned in Pakistan Navy on July 19, 2011. 
The 1,600 tonnes twin screw utility ship is designed for multi-purpose roles and operations at high seas and has been optimised for provision of logistic support to coastal stations, replenishment of surface ships at anchor/adrift/at harbour and towing operations. The ship is characterised by excellent maneuverability, spacious layout and adequate Bollard Pull capacity. Since commissioning, it has participated in numerous national and international exercises. 
PNS Rah Naward (Ex-Prince William) was commissioned on September 23, 2010 at Hull, UK. Ever since, the ship has been deployed to impart professional, educational and physical training to officers and men of the Pakistan Navy. The first-ever Tall Ship of PN provides a unique opportunity for understanding the essence of teamwork, leadership, and enhanced self -esteem. 
Sail training provides an unconventional yet an extremely effective way of building many useful skills which can prove highly beneficial ashore and at sea. The ship is making a powerful contribution in shaping professional acumen of naval officers and men. 
PMSS Zhob, named after a river in Balochistan province, is a maritime patrol vessel (MPV), indigenously built at Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works. The ship, launched on December 5, 2017, was commissioned in Pakistan Maritime Security Agency on August 9, 2018. 
PMSS Zhob, one of the lead ships of Hingol Class MPVs 6HT (600 tonnes MPV), has been optimised for maritime policing, EEZ patrolling and SAR roles, enabling quick response, optimum presence and reduced turnaround times. 
The ship is fitted with four high speed diesel engines, driving four shafts enabling it to ensure sustained high speeds and excellent maneuverability. The vessel has an overall length 68.5m, beam of 11m and can achieve maximum speed of 27 knots. 
The officers and men of the visiting task group will hold professional discussions and interactions with their counterparts from Qatar Navy on subjects of mutual interest. The visit will strengthen the mutual desire of promoting peace and security in the region besides enhancing maritime co-operation between the two seafaring nations.

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