Kaffeinated 3, the celebration of coffee, opens at Katara
January 03 2019 09:51 PM
Hussain Albuhaliqa showcases his coffeeshop at ‘Kaffeinated 3’
Hussain Albuhaliqa showcases his coffeeshop at ‘Kaffeinated 3’, being held at the Katara Esplanade. PICTURES: Ram Chand.

'Kaffeinated 3’ opened at Katara – the Cultural Village Thursday, showcasing an array of unique concepts that reflect the enthusiasm of aspiring coffee connoisseurs.
The 11-day event, presented by Kaffeinated Festival, features nearly 70 exhibitors from various coffee shops in Doha which provide a variety of coffee flavours and desserts – from hot and cold beverages to cakes, doughnuts and croissants.
Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of ‘Kaffeinated 3’, National Service Café co-owner Hussain Albuhaliqa said they want to be of service to the people, particularly the youth, as the name of their coffee shop suggests.
“As a café, it has a message to the people that as a community, you can help us and we can help you,” he said.
Albuhaliqa also highlighted the shift of many residents, especially the young generation, from the traditional Arabic coffee to the Italian or American type served by most outlets nowadays.
National Service Café, housed in a truck, opened its main outlet at Qatar Sports Club a month ago and now taking part for the first time at a special event like ‘Kaffeinated 3’. It serves latte, cappuccino, and flat white, among others, using organic coffee beans from Belgium, and its signature drink – Strawberry Blastino.

Coffeeshops offering a wide range of beverages at Katara

Yadooh Factory owner Alanoud Kafoud is also exhibiting her own concept, which has a ‘feminine touch’, at the Katara Esplanade – a combination of hot chocolate and ice cream.
“When I started my coffee shop it was only about desserts, and then later on we added the coffee menu,” she added. “There are a lot of competitors so we try our best to produce something special and different.” 
From then on, Kafoud said she has been taking part in various exhibitions and festivals in Doha, including ‘Kaffeinated 2’, as well as Qatar Development Bank initiatives for startups and during the recently-held National Day celebrations at Darb Al Saai.
“The name Yadooh stands for grandma and we chose the word ‘factory’ instead of coffee or café because the latter is commonly used by many,” she explained.

A variety of cakes, doughnuts and croissants displayed at the event

Kafoud lauded the event and described it as “one of the great festivals in Qatar” for being well-organised, providing a platform for young entrepreneurs to showcase and promote their products.
Some of the shops’ interesting names such as Coffeeholic, Anime Café, Coffee Connection Community, Blue Wings, El Profesor, Dark Ego, Insert Coffee to Begin, Halo, and Strange Things, among other titles, also raised curiosity among coffee lovers, prompting them to try some of their offerings.
‘Kaffeinated 3’ will run until January 13 from noon to midnight, offering not only a wide range of coffee blends and authentic flavours but also activities related to the preparation of coffee. 
According to Katara, visitors will have the opportunity to learn different ways to make coffee through various techniques, including traditional methods.

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