Study: New tool calculates breast cancer risk
January 20 2019 12:08 AM
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Live Issue

QNA/Agencies /London

UK scientists have developed an online calculator that could enable doctors to more accurately predict a patient’s chance of developing breast cancer, according to the BBC.
If rolled out, the new tool could change the way in which the condition is treated.
The result is more precise than ever before, as more than 300 genetic indicators have been taken into account, says Cancer Research UK who co-led the study.
“This is the first time  that anyone has combined so many elements into one breast cancer prediction tool,” said the study’s lead author, Antonis Antoniou, Professor of Cancer Risk Prediction at Cambridge in a statement. 
“It could be a game changer for breast cancer because now we can identify large numbers of women with different levels of risk – not just women who are at high risk.”
This ability to easily and precisely stratify patients into a variety of different risk groups is designed to help doctors better tailor individual care to patients, avoiding unnecessary screening for low-risk patients, or instituting preventative therapies for high-risk ones.
Around 627,000 women died from breast cancer worldwide in 2018, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

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