Learn basic techniques of martial art this sport day
February 11 2019 09:38 PM
CHAMPION: Master Rami al-Banna is the first Arab to win more than three International titles within a year.

By Mudassir Raja

As people are charged up to celebrate Qatar National Sport Day (QNSD), many will be taking their children out for physical activities in different parts of the country today.
One of the places where different sports and physical activities are being held for kids is Katara where over 70 kinds of healthy activities are being conducted. Doha Sports & Arts, a modern club of martial arts, is especially organising a training session for kids and school students at Katara on eve of QNSD.
Master Rami al-Banna, a Lebanese expatriate, founded the club to train the children in different techniques of martial arts. Rami has won kickboxing world champion seven times and has been training kids in different institutes in Qatar for many years. He inspires young boys and trains them in different forms of the sport.
“On the occasion of QNSD, we are organising the event in Katara for kids. The two-hour-long training session will start at 8am today. We will be holding warm-up sessions. After the warm-up exercises, we will provide some training to the children about kick boxing. We have regularly been organising similar kind of training sessions for kids on QNSD. I see a lot of enthusiasm both in children and grow-ups for the martial arts,” said Rami while talking to Community about the activity.
Rami has represented Qatar in different international kickboxing events. Appreciating the spirit of sports day, he said: “It is really wonderful to have a national holiday to celebrate a sports day. It is a day when people need to get involved in different kinds of sport activities. I really appreciate the government of Qatar for providing such kind of opportunity to the people. There are best facilities available in Qatar, if someone wants to get involved in any kind of sport.
“QNSD reminds us all that we need to have some kind of physical activity every day. We need to have one or two hours for our bodies every day. We need to have a break from our routine work. This day shows how important it is to be physically active and how much importance the government gives to the sports.”
Speaking about general benefits of being physically active, the master of martial arts said: “We need to train our kids in some sort of sport from early days. We should inculcate love and craze for sports among our children. Physical activities not only keep you healthy but also charge your mind every day. You feel a different kind of person after an hour-long work-out. It is a kind of stress-releaser. It re-energises one both physically and mentally. The sport activities also bring happiness and sportsman spirit in one’s life.”
The kickboxing trainer further said: “I prefer martial arts. I ask parents to let their children learn martial art techniques. It is good for the kids. It not only keeps them physically active but also enables them to defend themselves. I urge children to leave smartphones, iPads, play stations, laptops and computers. Martial arts also brings discipline, patience, and tolerance in the children.”
Sharing what positive changes the kickboxing have brought in his life, Rami said: “I started martial arts training in Lebanon in 1990 with master Hassan Ghadban. I decided to learn the martial arts after I was bullied by strong guys in my school. However, when I started learning it, I came to realise that it teaches to be more patient and tolerant than to be aggressive. At the same time, it gives you confidence that you are physical fit and ready to counter any uninvited trouble. 
“In Lebanon, I trained for taekwondo, kickboxing, karate and street fighting. I and my brother Raed were the best students in the academy. We won various titles in kickboxing, taekwondo and karate for more than six years as Lebanese National Champions. I became the first Arab to win more than three International titles within a year (2001).”
About his stay and works in Qatar, he said” I decided to come and live in Qatar and discovered the fame of sports in the country. I have been teaching at different institutes and have become an ideal to be followed for the young boys.
“My sports club caters to multiple disciplines of martial arts from kickboxing, MMA, Thai boxing, kung fu, taekwondo, Jujutsu, street fight, karate and Aikido, and other activities such as ballet, swimming, basketball, weight loss exercises, football and gymnastics.”

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