Fire brigade enlisted to help with tests on sick rhino in Germany
February 17 2019 07:39 PM
Rhino 'Tsavo' being examined with the help of firefighters
Rhino 'Tsavo' being examined with the help of firefighters. Picture courtesy: Munich Fire Department's Facebook page


Diagnosing a sick rhinoceros is no easy task, as the owners of a Munich circus discovered when they had to call in the fire brigade to help perform tests on one of their animals.
Several firefighters assisted in the examination of 45-year-old Tsavo, who weighs 2 tons, the fire service in Munich revealed on Sunday.
According to a circus spokesman, Tsavo has been suffering from digestive problems for weeks. He had to be examined under general anaesthesia and in an upright position.
The firefighters used airbags and belts to keep Tsavo upright, and also helped with checking his teeth and keeping his mouth open.
 Tsavo, who has lost 300 kilos in the past few months, belongs to the Krone circus, which is based in Munich. His test results will now be analysed in a laboratory, according to the circus spokesman.

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