QU Career Fair offers 300 job opportunities
February 19 2019 12:24 AM
Qatar University president Dr Hassan Rashid al-Derham at the opening of the QU Career Fair
Qatar University president Dr Hassan Rashid al-Derham at the opening of the QU Career Fair along with other officials and dignitaries.


 The Qatar University (QU) Career Fair, which is being held for the 13th year in a row, was inaugurated Monday with the presence of about 70 participants from different sectors of the country such as energy, industry, finance and business, as well as education, health, sports and services. The four-day fair, held at Qatar University, is one of the most important events offered by the QU's Career Development Center to provide students and graduates with the opportunity to learn about the career opportunities available in the Qatari labour market through the participating bodies and to offer promising career opportunities such as employment, field training and academic sponsorship.

The fair offers students about 300 opportunities covering employment, training and sponsorship, as well as awareness activities about the labour market, the required majors and the skills required in this context. QU president Dr Hassan Rashid al-Derham said in a press statement after opening the fair that this event is an important platform and a window to introduce students to the nature of the skills required by the labour market, and the opportunities available to them in the areas of training and sponsorship, and others.
He added that the fair is also an important occasion for Qatar University to learn about the opinions of the participating parties from ministries, companies and institutions about the QU's programmes and their suitability for the labor market, which allows the University to develop and expand its programmes and training facilities according to this feedback.
Assistant vice-president for Student Academic Success and Development Dr Haya Nasser al-Attiyah said QU, represented by the University's Career Development Center, is keen to organise various professional events throughout the year, pointing out that the Career Fair is one of the most important of these events, which hosts about 70 employer and training bodies from various sectors in the country.
She explained that the Career Fair is aimed at three main categories: high school students, university students and graduates. She said that hosting a number of secondary schools to visit the fair has been co-ordinated with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, in order to identify the current and future areas of work, which in turn contribute to the proper and early professional planning of the student and thus choose the appropriate profession for his/her preparations and abilities and tendencies.
She also noted that QU students can learn about the opportunities offered by academic sponsorship and summer training, which provides them with opportunities to develop their various skills and gain in-depth knowledge in their field of study, as well as employment opportunities for those who are about to graduate or already graduated.
Dr Haya al-Attiyah urged all students to attend the Career Fair and take advantage of the opportunities available, to identify the employers and officials of these bodies and ask questions and queries, and to benefit from the CV venue at the exhibition, which helps students to write their biography properly.
Director of the Career Development Center Maha al-Marri said this year's fair provides about 300 opportunities for Qatari students and graduates, including employment, training and sponsorship (sponsored scholarships), making it an important window on the labour market.
She stressed the keenness of the Center to enhance communication with the various participants in the fair to explore the extent of its success in providing real opportunities for students and graduates, saying that they tried in accordance with a specific mechanism to follow up the extent to which students and university graduates benefit from the opportunities presented by the participating parties and know the number of beneficiaries as an important criterion for the success of the fair.

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