Tech for Education meet starts at Qatar University
March 16 2019 10:37 PM
A view of a section of the Qatar University campus.


Qatar University's College of Education (QU-CEDU) and College of Engineering (QU-CENG) have started a two-day conference under the theme, "Technology for Quality of Education" with the participation of local and international experts.
Participants will discuss 33 working papers on technology applications in teaching and teaching methods, engineering and education, assistive technology, educational assessment and e-learning environments, as well as the convening of 12 workshops to a number of educators.
The conference aims to provide a platform for exchange of research, scientific and excellent experiences of researchers and specialists in the field of education technology and education.
Dean of College of Education Dr Ahmed al-Emadi confirmed, during the opening session, the importance of the conference that highlights the educational technology and its applications in the educational field in Qatar, "These conferences are an effective platform for exchanging experiences, promoting distinctive practices, achieving a privileged partnership with the community and introducing the efforts made, especially as Qatar has achieved advanced positions in the quality of education according to the indicators of activating and employing technology," he said.
He pointed out that technology has become an important basis of the design of educational curricula, and is one of the most important elements of teaching in our time, especially the creative teaching that based on the use of critical thinking skills and problem solving.
CENG Dean Professor Abdul Majid Hammuda stressed the importance of highlighting the technology of education and to show its role in the development of the educational process.
He said: " Education technology is a science that is developing steadily from time to time, in order to meet the needs that arise in the educational sectors in general, and the need for this in the time of the information revolution and technology in various fields.
For his part, Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies at the Faculty of Engineering Dr Abbas Amira noted that the technology is now shaping the future of education based on the progress of scientific research in this field globally, especially in the areas of artificial intelligence and Internet technology, adding: "Through the conference we seek to promote scientific research in this field in cooperation with local and international partners and research groups."
Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies at the College and the General Rapporteur of the Conference Professor Ahmed Megreya stressed that the technology has become a key partner in the educational process at the present time, it replaced traditional means.
He also stressed the importance of developing and promoting joint research among researchers in the fields of education and information technology in order to improve the quality of teaching using appropriate and effective electronic programmes, which contributes to the development of education in Qatar.
This conference comes within the framework of Qatar University's readiness to launch a new program at the Faculty of Education, which is specialised in education technology, in order to train specialised cadres in this field and enhance the use of modern technologies in the educational process.

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