Exercise an Attitude of Gratitude
March 21 2019 02:00 AM

By Erin Ralph

We know by simple law of attraction, the more you feel grateful for, the more you will attract things to continue feeling grateful for. You can use gratitude as a mood shifter, and a driver of what can happen next. Sometimes, we are only grateful when good things happen, which limits the feeling and its level of attraction to few and far between. Same concept as praying only when one is desperate or needs something. Remember, we are supposed to feel good, and life is supposed to flow for us all the time. Consider gratitude the oil that greases the wheel and restores your trust. With gratitude practices, you gain better understanding how to move through life, plus greater emotional awareness, kindness and compassion.
In manifesting, it is not the words and images that brings it in, but the vibration you feel when you’re speaking or thinking in it. Be sure your gratitude is not coming from a place of lack. Go for the purest appreciation possible as to not warp it. For instance, feeling ‘Phew! I’m so grateful to have this paycheck!’ comes from a place of relief from scarcity, of fear of it not being as accessible as desired. Versus, ‘I am so appreciative that money flows through me so easily, and is always there when I need it’ focuses more in the purity of the consistent appreciation.
If you feel like you have nothing to be grateful for, start by thinking about your hardworking, always in motion body. How is it healthy? How is it functioning? How does it keep you going? Be grateful for ‘basics’ like air, sun, water. For a roof over your head, for technology, and nature. Be grateful for the opportunity to create your own reality. No matter how little you think you have, gratitude is within you and all around you.
In communication, gratitude works wonders. If you are in a disagreement or experiencing any drama, shift the energy by just simply feeling what you are grateful for in that other person. Speaking it transforms everything. There is a theory that replaces the phrase “I’m sorry” with “thank you” to break the “I’m sorry” cycle. Gratitude can help ‘cancel out’ feelings of unworthiness, depression, anxiety, jealousy, anger, and bitterness. If you are going through something ‘negative’, retain power by having gratitude for the situation and the lessons it is teaching you.

-What are the biggest things in your life that you are continuously grateful for?
-What would you like to feel grateful towards that you don’t currently have in your life at the moment?
-Can you look at some difficult or uncomfortable situations in your life and find gratitude in their purpose?

Exercise: Gratitude Walk
Take yourself outside of your normal patterns and places, go on a walk or a hike or a little adventure. Tune out of your mind and into the scenery, into your senses. Walk gently and with everything that catches your senses be grateful-“I am so grateful for the warm sun upon my face, the fresh breeze that shifts around air and fills my lungs, the sounds of the birds, my capable body for taking me here.” Be in utter, overwhelming gratitude for every single thing you pass by.

Exercise: 21 Days of Gratitude
It is said it takes on average 21 days to create (or lose) a habit. For the next three weeks, each morning when you first wake up, get in the habit of spending 5-10 minutes writing or recording three statements around topics that you feel deeply grateful for. In this exercise, it is not enough just to write or speak the words, it is more important to really feel the feelings of joy and gratitude. Notice the difference in saying “I’m grateful for water” versus “I’m so grateful for water! This means hot showers, cool hydration, and the beauty of rain, oceans and lakes” while visualising each sensation. Pure tribute drives tremendous positive change. Feeling them to the fullest extent is the purpose of the exercise. Writing them is powerful, speaking them aloud with conviction is even better.
As you do the daily work of this exercise, you will without a doubt begin to notice signs and synergies that amplify the things you feel grateful for. Before long, you will start to appreciate what you have before you even have them, because you will see how enjoying them in this vibration creates them to be. Try as hard as you can to continue this practice for at least 21 days, and see for yourself what happens!
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