Art enthusiasts in awe of the works of Panamanian artist
March 22 2019 02:35 AM
art team
GROUP: From left, Francisco Navarro, Panamanian embassy official. Mariame Farqane, CEO Pallas Art, Oreste del R?o Sandoval, Ambassador of Panama to Qatar, Alvaro Mej?a, COO Pallas Arts. Photos by Jayaram Korambil

By Mudassir Raja

Art lovers and dignitaries are continuously in awe of the dexterity of Olga Sinclair, a popular artist from Panama, because of her on-going group exhibition in Building 18 at Katara.
‘Art Acquainted’ is organised by Pallas Art, the first registered art brokerage company in Qatar. The exhibition includes artists from Panama, Qatar, France, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Colombia, and UK. This is the first exhibition organised by the company after its launch in Qatar.
The organisers along with the Embassy of Panama to Qatar held a press meet to highlight the works of the great Panamanian artist yesterday. The press meet was addressed by Oreste Del Rio Sandoval, Ambassador of Panama to Qatar, and Mariame Farqane, CEO Pallas Art, along with other organisers.
Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Sandoval said: “I welcome you all to the first exhibition by Pallas Arts. I am also thankful to Katara for providing the opportunity for the second time to the master artist Sinclair to exhibit her work.
“The artist is not only a high spiritual person but also – I can say – is my friend and an artist I and all the Panamanians respect for the excellent work she has been doing around the world. Now Forbes recognises Sinclair as one of the most powerful artist women in our continent. Today, I want to show you four of the pieces that Sinclair has brought to Qatar. Each one of them has a history or a part of the life of Sinclair. She mixes and combines – as you can see– the colours and the light all the time. Because of this, she creates this kind of special way to paint.
“For us, it is an honour to share with you the happiness we have to have her here in this amazing exhibition sharing with other well-known artists.
“We are lucky to work with a country like Qatar that loves art so much. You can find art in Qatar everywhere.
Mariame said: “We launched our company on February 10 officially. We are very happy to work with Sinclair. She has been a well-known artist since her childhood with her amazing dad – Alfredo Sinclair – all over the world. We are always very happy to exhibit her works.
“We actually have her amazing piece here. You can see the evolution of the artist from 1996 to 2017 – from figurative art to abstract art.
Her art works are always very good for people, art lovers, and investor, spiritually. Sinclair is getting more and more important in the art market. I am happy to announce that Pallas Arts is working hard on the education. We are educating people how to invest in art and how to acquire an art piece. We start working with people at very young age. With Sinclair we have a project that is coming very soon.
She has already been organised amazing workshops in Latin and North America. She has been teaching kids. In near future, we are going to organise a workshop with her for around 1, 000 kids in Doha.
Talking to Community, the ambassador said: “What we want is to boost our already amazing relations with Qatar as a brotherly country. We want to promote new kinds of topics. Most of the times, countries care about important  political and commercial relations, but subjects like culture and sports are also coming up because these things can really unify the countries.
“We are in a country that really takes care of cultural activities. It is the country that will host the next FIFA World Cup. So, this is the best moment to help Qatar as a brotherly country to have everything they need to accomplish what they are looking for in the good path towards art, culture, music, sport, education, health and other things that are important for the growth of humanity.”

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