Unsettled weather: Chances of scattered rain, thundershowers
March 24 2019 11:46 PM


Unsettled weather and rain are expected to return to the country this evening and continue until Wednesday (March 27), the weather report shows.

This is due to the extension of a low-pressure system over the region, according to the Qatar Met department.

The skies are expected to gradually become cloudy and there is a chance of scattered rain of variable intensity, becoming thundery at times. This will be accompanied by strong winds, whose intensity is likely to peak between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. The winds during this period are expected to be easterly, fresh to strong, causing blowing dust and low visibility at times (below 2km) in some areas. Also, there will be continued marine warnings, the report states.

The temperature is expected to remain generally mild, the report states. The Met department has urged people to be cautious and avoid going to sea in view of the expected conditions. Meanwhile, today’s forecast says strong winds are expected in some inshore areas, while thundery rain, windy conditions and high seas are likely offshore.

The wind speed may go up to 45 knots in some offshore areas during thundershowers, with the sea level rising to 14ft, and 32 knots inshore.

It will be cloudy in inshore areas and there is a chance of scattered rain and slight to blowing dust in some places at times. Cloudy conditions and scattered rain are likely offshore, too, and the rain may turn thundery at times. The conditions will become dusty later.

The minimum temperature on Monday is expected to be 21C in Abu Samra and Ruwais, and 22C in Doha and Al Khor. The maximum, on the other hand, will range from 25C in Al Khor to 30C in Dukhan and Abu Samra, with Doha expected to see a high of 28C.

Sunday, the minimum temperature was 18C in Shehaimiya, while in Doha it was 21C. The maximum was 34C in Abu Samra and 33C in Karana, with Doha recording 26C. The country witnessed a spell of unsettled weather and rain last weekend. This was in line with the onset of the “season of sudden changes” – AlSarayat – which is expected to continue until mid-May. This period is marked by continuous weather fluctuations.

AlSarayat is known to have quick convective cloud formations and sudden thunderstorms during the evening, marked by heavy rain and sudden downdraft winds, the Met department said. “The AlSarayat season is associated with severe weather such as lightning strikes, strong winds, heavy rain and dust,” it explained.

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