Study to asses impact of camel grazing ban completes in six lawns
April 03 2019 09:57 PM
Camel grazing ban study team
The team conducts the study


The study being conducted by a team to asses the effects of the decision of banning camel grazing in the wild is completed in six lawns out of the designated 10.
The study is under the supervision of Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) Wildlife and Environmental Protection Department with the participation of MME Agriculture Research Department, Public Gardens Department, and the Center for Geographic Information Systems(CGIS).

Study team members

The team studies the negative and positive impacts of camel grazing on the areas where grazing is allowed compared to those where grazing is banned. The impact of ban on camels themselves - both the ones allowed to graze in the open and the remaining ones which are kept in closed areas. 
In the meantime, the team continues its studies on the other areas to measure the impact on the green and plant cover at the targeted areas. 
As part of protecting wildlife in the local deserts, MME Wildlife and Environmental Protection Department has removed some abandoned barns at Al Nakhsh Area, which constituted encroachment on state owned property.

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