Advisory Council reviews key outcome of IPU meeting
April 16 2019 01:52 AM
Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid al-Mahmoud
HE the Speaker of the Advisory Council Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid al-Mahmoud at the Council’s weekly session yesterday.


The Advisory Council held its weekly session yesterday under the chairmanship of HE the Speaker of the Advisory Council Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid al-Mahmoud.
At the outset of the meeting, the Speaker of the Advisory Council paid the highest tribute and appreciation to His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani for his participation in the opening session of the 140th General Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and its associated meetings, which were held in Doha from April 6 to 10. He also hailed the Amir’s address at the session that received interest and was welcomed for its inclusion of important contents, values and principles which expressed the aspirations and hopes of the peoples of the world and which dealt with the topics on the agenda accurately and objectively, while highlighting education as the focus of the debate.
The Speaker of the Advisory Council briefed the council on the important outcome of the 140th IPU General Assembly, which was the most successful in the history of the Union, especially in view of the wide and unprecedented participation, which amounted to 160 countries.
The Speaker highlighted the statements and resolutions issued by the IPU General Assembly, particularly the Doha Declaration on parliaments as platforms for promoting education for peace, security and the rule of law.
The Speaker of the Advisory Council also expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the heads of the parliaments of the world who came to Doha in recognition of the State of Qatar, respect for its leadership, confidence in its policy and in honour of its people.
He also thanked the Executive Committee of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the Governing Council, the president, its secretary-general and all its subsidiaries for their valuable efforts which had the greatest impact in the success of the meetings of the General Assembly and the associated meetings.
The Speaker also expressed his thanks and appreciation to the parliamentarians who participated in the meetings and expressed their rejection of the illegal blockade against the State of Qatar both at the General Assembly and during other meetings. The Speaker of the Advisory Council and president of the organising committee of the General Assembly of the IPU also thanked the esteemed government and all the institutions and agencies of the State which mobilised their potential and provided all the requirements for the success of the international parliamentary event.
He also thanked the members of the Advisory Council and its staff for their appreciative work before and during the IPU meetings.
He also thanked the organising committee for carrying out the tasks entrusted with competence, as well as the local and international press and media which reported the discussions and outcomes of the 140th General Assembly, along with the volunteers of the Qatari Youth who contributed to this achievement. The Advisory Council then discussed the report of the Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee on a draft law amending some provisions of Law No.(21) of 2004 regarding ministers.
The Council approved the draft law and decided to submit its recommendations thereon to the Cabinet.
* The Public Services and Utilities Committee of the Advisory Council held yesterday a meeting of the 47th regular session of the Council under the chairmanship of its Rapporteur HE Mohamed bin Mahdi al-Ahbabi. The committee discussed a draft law amending certain provisions of the law on the prohibition of housing workers within family residential areas, and decided to complete its study at its next meeting.

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