CMC: Citizens go to polls, winners to be announced today
April 16 2019 12:00 PM


The polling stations in constituencies in various parts of the country opened at 8:00 am on Tuesday for citizens to vote in the Central Municipal Council elections in its sixth edition. 
A total of 85 candidates, including 5 women, are competing in 25 constituencies out of 29 constituencies, after four constituencies - 7th, 22nd, 27th and 28th - were elected by acclamation.
Electoral commissions in the polling stations have completed all the procedures that preceded the voting process in the presence of candidates or their delegates, such as inspecting the ballot boxes to make sure they are empty and then closing them in preparation for the start of the voting process. Security officers deployed outside the polling stations to maintain order and ensure the proper functioning of the electoral centers.
Volunteers meanwhile have started to carry out their duties in guiding the citizens throughout the voting process and making sure of the availability of the ID cards, in addition to other organizational matters to help the voters choose theirs candidates to the CMC membership.
Voters are prohibited from practicing the various forms of electoral campaigns inside the electoral headquarters. Voters also must practice in right in voting in secret without revealing the names of the candidates. 
Voters who are not able to vote should secretly tell the head of the station of their chosen candidate and place the paper in the ballot themselves. 
The voting process will close at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, to be followed by the counting process and the announcement of the winners in the same day. 

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