Silhouetted at the Sealine
April 24 2019 11:54 PM
Photos by Jayan Orma

Kamran Rehmat

Sealine conjures up pictures of tranquillity, away from the cacophony of urban life, but also adventurous spirit — if you want to make a mark in sand and sand dunes. The beach, for its part, is of course hard to beat; why, you can be excused for thinking life’s just that — a beach — what with the soothing sound of the sea!
Meanwhile, action is not far off with enthusiasts riding quad bikes and others indulging dune bashing. The sunset here offers great vistas for the keen photographer, which brings into the picture silhouette photography. With the silhouetted object usually in black, it allows the shooter to convey drama, mystery, emotion and mood, and yet, leave something for the viewer’s imagination.
So, if you’re keen on experimenting this, here’s a summary of conjuring this up from one pro: “The key to taking a silhouette picture would be to: choose a strong subject with a defined and recognisable shape; turn off your flash to have as little light on the front of your subject as possible; get the light right by having more light shining from the background than the foreground; frame your image so that the brightest light source is behind your subject; and make sure the silhouette shapes are distinct and uncluttered by making subjects recognisable and keeping multiple subjects separate.”
It is safe to suggest our lensman at the Gulf Times has delivered a hit!

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