Nakilat holds Town Hall meeting for employees
May 01 2019 09:41 PM
Participants of the Nakilat Town Hall meeting
Participants of the Nakilat Town Hall meeting


Nakilat held its 2019 Town Hall meeting for all employees, led by the company’s CEO, engineer Abdullah Fadhalah al-Sulaiti and top management. During the event, employees were given insights into the company’s performance, strategic objectives, business developments, and future direction. 
In his opening remarks, engineer al-Sulaiti reviewed the company’s most noteworthy achievements during the past years. “Your commitment towards Nakilat’s values and mission, as well as high spirits to build upon our aspirations will enable us to continue achieving and reinforce our vision of becoming global leader and provider of choice for energy transportation and maritime services, contributing to Qatar’s national vision 2030,” he said.
Citing the steady growth and significant milestones over the years, Nakilat CEO also expressed his gratitude to the workforce, saying: “I am deeply proud to recognise all our dedicated employees who have always been the backbone of the company’s success and growth. It is extremely important for us to reflect on the history of this company; to understand where we were, how far we have progressed, and what we aspire to become. In our ambition to steer forward, we must be aware of the market dynamics and strong competition amidst the ever-challenging environment. Our shared values drive us to create an environment that is incident and injury free, motivate one another to innovate, develop and nurture human capital. We must foster passionate collaboration across the organization, continue to stimulate thinking as a cohesive team, and align with the organization’s values and drive towards cost efficiency.”
Such meetings provide an excellent platform for the top management to not only relay the company’s strategy and vision to employees, but also to facilitate two-way interactions between the management and employees to ensure everyone understands the goals of the organisation and remains motivated to contribute towards the company’s success, it was explained in a statement.

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