A special school that make'em curious, learn while playing
May 03 2019 11:34 PM
CurioCity also offers something special when it comes to its structure and architecture.
CurioCity offers something special when it comes to its structure and architecture also. PICTURES: Nasar K Moidheen

Imagine a place by the sea, filled with toys, rides and playrooms. Seems like a scene straight out of a child's dream? Well, the dream has turned into reality, thanks to the efforts of entrepreneur Yousef Behzad Yousef, who has started a new playschool at The Pearl-Qatar. 
What makes CurioCity Center of Play unique is the fact that it's dedicated exclusively to children with special needs, allowing them a suitable environment to play and engage in physical activities. CurioCity comes with an exclusive space to play and study.
The school was set up by Yousef and his wife Anastasiya Darozhka after they decided to do something innovative for the "uplift of children with special abilities". 

Yousef Behzad Yousef

“It feels like our long-cherished dream has come true. The idea is to help children learn about science and engage them in physical activities, besides familiarising them with the routine activities of life. CurioCity is an innovative idea and it’s all about learning while playing or playing while learning,” said Yousef. He and his wife had spent months looking for the "ideal place". 
CurioCity also offers something special when it comes to its structure and architecture. “We opted for organic architecture," Yousef said, adding that no harmful chemicals or materials were used during construction. The walls were not even painted to make sure that the play centre conformed to standards of organic architecture and ensured a healthy atmosphere for children."

A workshop at CurioCity

The centre, which touches the Marsa Canal and seashore, has several facilities to entertain and help children learn and play. The centre includes a hall of game, replicas of a boutique and market, workshops, relaxing rooms, a stage for science show and gravity table. 
These are apart from a few rides for physical entertainment and a water table that helps children understand the potential of water in energy production. The 'dark room' at CurioCity has a hyperbolic slit, tornado, water spire, colour rotating reflect lamp and photoelectric disk. 
“The facilities here are aimed at helping kids become acquainted with the routines of human life and few basics of physics. These ensure the social inclusion of kids with special needs,” Yousef added. 
CurioCity has got six trained staff members, including specialists in caring for children with disabilities. “The staff here is capable of catering to the needs of these children and guide them properly,” he said, adding the centre can accommodate around 100 children at a time. The cafe offers refreshment for parents who accompany their children to the centre.
Yousef said he has plans to introduce more facilities within CurioCity and develop it into the "best play school for children with special abilities". Besides, he is looking to launch more such centres in order to ensure best caring facilities for children in need.

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