Catching up with the catch
May 16 2019 12:29 AM
Photo by Ram Chand

Kamran Rehmat

Purely from an aesthetic sense, Doha Corniche lends itself to a photographer’s dream. It is a touch overdone perhaps, thanks to the never-ending picture perfect opportunities, but let’s not forget it also serves as a bargain rendezvous for fish consumers. Yes, Corniche and fish rhyme for good effect!
The tidy fish stalls at the Corniche offer enough to tempt the taste buds with the day’s fresh catch. ‘Fresh’ is the catchword since there’s plenty at the central fish market, too, and at cheaper rates, but the ‘fresh’ quotient is what distinguishes the Corniche fish stalls from their bigger rivals elsewhere. 
So how do you determine the freshness? An unsuspecting customer can be easily waylaid by the overly used sales pitch. Here’s a thumb-rule guide: Look for a firm and shiny flesh; it should have the odour of the ocean (ever smelt the fresh ocean breeze?). Next scrutinise the retina and gills: a fresh fish will have clear eyes and a slight bulge; the gills should be pink/red, not having turned white. Also, these should be wet, not dry or slimy. Look out for discolouration as well — brown or yellow edges and a spongy consistency are signs that you had better let go.  
But overall, there’s little to worry since the traders are bound to rid of the stock after three days. Then, there’s medical oversight, too, which means more likely you’re not going to be fishing in troubled waters!
Text by Kamran Rehmat (@kaamyabi), photos by Ram Chand

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