Designing tomorrows, today
May 17 2019 12:33 AM
Photo by Polycarp Maina

Polycarp Maina

It was once coined that the ultimate measure of a man’s conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard. A frequent and keen traveller who transverses the roads of State of Qatar must have observed some elements of such sacrifice, and thus, can stamp this statement as true. 
Even for a novice, moving from one point to another by road will unfold a rich culture that is deeply ingrained in the physical features one has to come across — one that is dyed in the wool of the people living here, both residents and expatriates. 
The freedom of worship symbolised by presence of numerous places of worship adds to the morals and values that globally define this state. By all aspects, Qatar can only be said to be, for lack of a better statement, a scarce land of abundance and also an embodiment of serene beauty. A road trip on the highways of this great nation will offer more than enough to the eyes, and consequently, soul, of a keen adventurer. The domino effect evoked is a sense of relief and safety. As an explorer and a scholar of World Geography, a stop at every traffic signal has always been an opportunity to explore more about people, culture, and features either nearby or yonder. 
Despite the unfavourable climatic conditions, the noble role being played by the state to conserve and preserve the environment is also evident along the highways. One can barely fail to notice a worker tending to trees and watering vegetation cover that make the areas green and eye-catching. All these are deliberate measures to ensure future generations find this great state a better place to live. With more funds being invested to make Qatar green, it is thus indisputable that it will soon become a green gold in the desert; an idol of many other nations that it already is. 
And to the residents, Mother Nature won’t forgive us if we fail to undertake our individual responsibility of preserving and conserving the natural resources bequeathed us; using water sparingly, avoiding littering and responsible industrial waste disposal. 
— Text and photos by Polycarp Maina

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