Aspire Park: Come one, come all
May 23 2019 02:19 AM
GOLDEN HOUR: This shot was taken during the Aspire Kite Festival 2019 using a smartphone - handheld and without a tripod. The output image is with minimal editing and mostly the natural view at that hour. In the foreground is the Aspire Lake with ducks posing in all their glory.

Noman Quadri

Within the rapid growth of Qatar’s infrastructure through a booming construction industry in the past decade, the development and addition of recreational facilities for the people of Doha has been remarkable — the renovated Al Bidda Park and the newly opened parks in Katara, Qatar Foundation and Legtaifiya to name a few. 
However, Aspire Park — one of the oldest, still remains one of the top hotspots for Doha›s crowd on most of the weekends.
Aspire Park, the largest in Qatar, has something for all its visitors: a massive grass layout for family picnics and get-togethers, long tracks for runners and cyclists keeping up with their active lifestyle and beautiful ducks swimming around in Doha›s famous and only lake.
With the contrast provided by the lush greenery and fountains against the backdrop of the tallest structures in Doha — The Torch Tower and Khalifa Stadium — a World Cup 2022 location, it also makes for a hotspot for shutterbugs and professional photographers alike.
Aspire Park is also home to all kinds of events throughout the year such as the Lake Festival, Kites Festival, Ramadan Sports Festival, Aspire Wonderland and the annual Winter Festival wherein mesmerising light shows, fireworks and stunning art displays make for a wonderful viewing for all visitors.
It is expected to be one of the most popular tourist attractions during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, because it will always remain a true reflection of the lifestyle and the spirit of the people of Qatar. As is rightly said, old is gold. 

Text and photos by Noman Quadri

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