Msheireb Museums nominated for Aga Khan Award in Architecture
May 27 2019 12:44 AM
Senior Msheireb Properties and Msheireb Museums officials led the International Museums Day 2019 celebrations recently.

Msheireb Museums, the four revived historic Qatari heritage houses at Msheireb Downtown Doha (MDD), commemorated the International Museums Day 2019, and marked its nomination for the Aga Khan Award in Architecture during a Ghabga (early Suhoor) recently.
The event was organised by Msheireb Properties, the owner and developer of Msheireb Museums, for its employees and stakeholders. The Aga Khan Award is the most prestigious prize in the field, established by Aga Khan IV in 1977 to reward architectural concepts that successfully address the needs and aspirations of Islamic societies. 
Msheireb Museums has been nominated earlier in May, and the winning organisations will be announced in August 2019. “The news was a great surprise for us. The Aga Khan Award in Architecture is one of the most prestigious accolades in the field, and we are honoured to have been shortlisted and considered by its governing body to represent Qatar,” Msheireb Properties acting CEO Ali al-Kuwari said in a press statement.
“This is the first time since the 1970s that any building in the country has been nominated for this prize, which is an acknowledgement of the work that underlined the revival of the four traditional houses and the purpose they serve,” he said.
The International Museums Day 2019 celebrates museums as cultural hubs and the role they play in engaging communities. In today’s world, museums are continuously working to transform their practices to remain closer to their communities. They look for innovative ways to tackle contemporary social issues and advocate local and global topics. Their mission transcends putting history on display to using it to establish dialogue between cultures, build bridges, and define a sustainable future.
“The theme of the International Museums Day 2019 captures accurately the role we have been playing in Qatar along the years. As a social history museum, we work in collaboration with various partners to observe and promote societal development, cultural dialogue, and knowledge exchange, reviving Msheireb’s status as the cultural centre of Doha,” Msheireb Museums director Dr Hafiz Ali said. “It is through this effort that we attempt to create a platform that leverages history to understand the present and make the future better for all.”
“Msheireb Museums aims to highlight the changes happening in society today. To do this, we continuously create programmes that engage our audience by being interactive, relevant, and fun. We are proud of the many moments when the community joined, actively participated in, and engaged with our diverse programs, events, and exhibitions,” he added.

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